DICE GM Apologizes for Battlefield 5 Content Shortcomings, Cites Battlefront 2 as Example of Studio’s Commitment

battlefield 5 firestorm

Just this past week, DICE issued an apology and explanation to some of the promised content that has yet to materialize in Battlefield 5. While some of the Battlefield 5 missing content is due to a marketing blunder, that still doesn’t absolve the studio from not delivering on its promise to the game’s community.

Over on Twitter, DICE GM (General Manager) Oskar Gabrielson gave a statement apologizing to the game’s community, thanking fans, and giving Star Wars Battlefront 2 as an example of the studio’s long-term commitment to its games and community.

BF community – I know you are frustrated and disappointed with the experience across Chapter 4 for Battlefield V. I’m really sorry. We’re taking a step back to improve the quality of BFV, and as a result, making needed changes to our roadmap.

Ryan covered some of this last week. We’re shifting out some content from Chapter 4, and we’re stepping back from our 5v5 mode, to focus the team on our core Battlefield experience. This was not an easy decision, but the right one to get the game to quality.

I hope the work we’ve put into Battlefront II is a testament to our long-term commitment to our games and our communities. We’ll get Battlefield V back on track and make it the awesome game you all deserve. We’ll provide updates along the way. Thank you for hanging in there.

While the community might not be happy with how DICE has handled post-launch content so far, at least the studio is apologizing for it. Hopefully, the studio can do enough to win back the community’s trust back. If the studio can do what it’s doing now for Battlefront 2, then that could still happen.

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9 thoughts on “DICE GM Apologizes for Battlefield 5 Content Shortcomings, Cites Battlefront 2 as Example of Studio’s Commitment

  1. Battlefront 2 is a heap of garbage and gets worse with every update. The game is almost unplayable.

    1. I’m sure there are plenty who play the multiplayer that strongly disagree. That said, I’ve only played the singleplayer campaign for Battlefront 2 and had a great time with it.

      1. It’s in a much better place now after the horrendous PR show EA did. It has good content in it now, and has more coming. Not bad. But, games shouldn’t need a year or more to be good, though.

  2. Sorry I’m too uneducated to understand what’s going on here, so I did not buy the game per DICE’s instructions.

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