DICE Unaware of Promised Battlefield 5 New Vehicles Due to Marketing Blunder

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While we already posted DICE’s explanation yesterday why some of the datamined (and promised) new Battlefield 5 weapons still haven’t made their way out, that’s not the only thing promised, which we’ve yet to receive. In the Battlefield 5 Chapter 4 roadmap, DICE promised Battlefield 5 new vehiclew, which has yet to be released, but it seems actual DICE devs didn’t know about this promise at all.

Check out the image below to see how “new weapons, vehicles and gadgets” were part of the promised content roll out for this chapter:

Now, here’s the confusing (and sad) part: over on the Battlefield 5 subreddit, a fan started a thread asking DICE where were the advertised vehicles and gadgets in this chapter. Thankfully, Battlefield Community Manager Jeff Braddock replied, though it might not be what people were expecting.

The answer I received from the vehicle dev was “What are you talking about?” I showed him the image you shared. “That’s wrong. The next big push of vehicles and gadgets is with the Pacific.” He’s frustrated with the inaccuracy of the specific chapter roadmap and he’s escalating it to his bosses and studio leadership and I’m escalating it to the marketing team to find out why it has this info in the first place. The body of the article doesn’t talk about vehicles or gadgets – it talks about weapons and Elites, so the image is inaccurate. I’m sorry, man. Sigh.

In case you didn’t read Braddock’s response, you ought to as it seems actual DICE devs didn’t know that new vehicles were promised in this chapter, and said that was a mistake!

While this is sad news indeed, at least players should stop expecting a new vehicle or two to be released anytime soon. We have the next update (4.4) set to be released soon-ish, which will include the Provence and Lofoten Islands maps (watch gameplay of both maps here!).

What are your thoughts on this marketing blunder and who’s to blame for this? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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