Battlefield 5 Upcoming Maps Info Breakdown (Provence, and Lofoten Islands)

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In case you didn’t know, there are two Battlefield 5 upcoming maps set to be released very soon (as soon as the next patch hits), and these are Provence, and Lofoten Islands. While we’ve already posted gameplay of the two maps, we now have official Battlefield 5 upcoming maps info breakdown straight from DICE!



  • Infantry Only


  • Small


  • Fast and Chaotic

Game modes available at release:

Squad Conquest, Team Deathmatch

According to DICE, Provence mostly caters to SMG and shotgun users, but there are longer sightlines that give snipers and LMG players some “inviting opportunities,” which means there are bushes and areas where players can go prone, and shoot people without them being able to act on it.

For Squad Conquest, here are the capture points for Provence:

Capture Point A: Church Courtyard

A fountain serves as the centerpiece of this small courtyard. Stacks of military supplies are a sign that war has arrived and taken the place of the peace and contemplation it once offered local worshippers.

Capture Point B: Riverside Manor

Alongside the river stands a lovely manor that now serves as the quarters of Axis soldiers when they aren’t on guard around the perimeter of the town. These makeshift barracks present a warren of rooms and corridors hiding any number of surprise attacks.

Capture Point C: Anti-Air Plaza

As the commercial center of the town, this plaza used to be brimming with market stalls and bustling locals. Today, Axis forces have converted it into a disturbingly effective anti-aircraft base – ensuring that any enemy planes flying overhead meet a quick, fiery death.

Tips for Success on Provence

  • Check your corners, no matter how fast you’re moving – it can mean the difference between staying in the fight or meeting a quick end.
  • Many buildings are closed off but that doesn’t mean they’re all empty. Keep a sharp eye out for the telltale flash of a gun sight or glinting barrel aimed in your direction from a nearby window.
  • There’s always another way around. While the map is small, there are many ways to move around chokepoints and outflank your enemy!

Lofoten Islands:


  • Infantry Only


  • Small


  • Fast-Paced on Both Islands

Game modes available at release:

Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch

DICE says that Lofoten supports long, medium, and short range engagements. And the best thing for non-snipers? “There are long sightlines for snipers but not many places for concealment,” according to DICE.

For Squad Conquest, here are the capture points for Lofoten Islands:

Capture Point A: Communications

This cramped fishing cabin in the northwest area of the map has been repurposed as an Axis communications position. The cabin offers a good view of both the surrounding countryside and the factory grounds.

Capture Point B: Fish Barn

This operational headquarters for the factory is also the largest building on the island and sits to the south, near the docks. This multi-leveled structure provides excellent opportunities for scouting out enemies trying to advance along the coastline.

Capture Point C: Upper Vats

Large tanks of fish oil glycerin overlook the factory grounds from the north. This storage facility offers the highest elevation on the map, which can be useful for longer range engagements. But be mindful that this point can be tricky to hold as threats can come from many angles.

Tips for Success on Lofoten Islands

  • Pinned down by fire from a nearby building? Demolish it with dynamite or other explosives and instantly remove their cover.
  • The fish oil factory is surrounded by several wooden fences. You can shoot through these fences to open a flank or even set up an ambush for an unsuspecting enemy.
  • When flanking under the docks, use the pylons for cover and don’t forget to equip short-range weapons.

Don’t forget, these two maps are set to be available when the next patch releases, which might be next week, or in early September.

In other Battlefield 5 news, DICE has officially cancelled the 5v5 competitive mode, and Al Sundan Conquest mode still doesn’t have a release date. Read on here for the explanation for both. DICE has also outlined some of the changes coming in  the next patch, and claims they will be more transparent with the community moving forward.

Source: EA