Battlefield 5 Upcoming Update Detailed, DICE Cites More Transparency and Communication Moving Forward

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While there’s no set date yet for when the Battlefield 5 upcoming update will drop, DICE has given us an overview of what will be in it if it does. Players can expect fixes to stuttering issues, tweaks in the Commorose, an increase in max rank and more.

Our next game update, 4.4, contains fixes for stuttering issues, desyncs seen on hitboxes, as well as some tweaks to the Commorose. The next few updates will improve game stability, UI communication around damage, and many other items the community flagged. 4.4 will also deliver two new infantry maps and an increase in max Rank. You’ll now be able to go beyond Rank 50 and start earning XP on your new journey to Rank 500. You can read more about this feature here if you missed the news.

Also include in update 4.4 will be the new maps — Provence and Lofoten Islands. Unfortunately, these two maps will drop with two game modes available initially, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch. You can watch gameplay of the two maps right here.

While the two maps being only available in TDM and Squad Conquest isn’t ideal, there is some good news regarding the upcoming Operation Metro remake called Operation Underground. Originally set to launch in October (here’s our first look at it), it’s now set for September and will feature Conquest, TDM, Breakthrough, Squad Conquest, and coming for a limited time, Rush.

Reimagining a Classic Map – and Returning to the Pacific

In update 4.6 this September, we’ll be delivering the Operation Underground map on Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Breakthrough, and Squad Conquest. Coming later with Tides of War for a limited time, Rush will be playable on the map, too. This is our reimagining of Operation Métro and it’s something that we’re having a ton of fun playing internally. It’s being worked on by the map’s original creator, and while it absolutely has the familiar spirit of Métro which long-time fans will enjoy, the gameplay feels really fresh.

We will then turn our attention to the Pacific, the return to Iwo Jima, and two more locations that you’ll deploy on this side of the holidays. This is going to be a huge update for us, with new weapons, vehicles, factions, and visuals supporting the new maps coming with this Chapter.

Finally, given all that has happened, DICE has commented that it wants to communicate more often with the community and offer more transparency.

Improving the experience of the game is clearly important for us. How we communicate and how often are equally important. You’ll see these “Letters from the Front” blogs on a monthly basis from now on. They’ll give the more extensive updates on everything happening behind the curtains. Battlefield Community Managers Adam Freeman and Jeff Braddock will give updates far more frequently; daily and weekly. Our goal is to get into a more regular cadence of updates through channels like the in-game News section, the Battlefield V section on the Battlefield forums, or the Battlefield V subreddit where you can check in, inform yourself, and engage with us.

That’s good news, right?

In case you missed it, the 5v5 competitive mode planned for Battlefield 5 has officially been scrapped! You can read more about that and how Al Sundan Conquest mode is progressing right here.

Source: EA

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