DICE Comments on Battlefield 5 Invisibility Bug, Here’s What’s Coming in the Next Few Weeks

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While DICE has issued a new Battlefield 5 patch for the Xbox One this past week to address the crashing issue, there’s still quite a few bugs left in the game. If you’re one of the many people who saw the Battlefield 5 invisibility bug and found it both annoying and funny, DICE has commented about that and mentions they’ve made “substantial progress” in fixing it.

The Dev team is dedicated to resolving the frustrating issues impacting many of our players. This week we released Hotfix 1.2 that helped address much of the Xbox One crashing issues.  We’ve also gotten word that the team has made substantial progress in resolving the Invisibility bug that randomly affects players. More on that as we get closer to the next update. 

Here’s what the Battlefield 5 invisibility bug loos like if you’re not familiar with it

In addition to that, DICE has also given a rough outline of what we should expect from the studio in the next few weeks when it comes to Battlefield 5.

Coming Up Over the Next Couple of Weeks:

  • DICE Friends Round #2
  • Nvidia Content Contest
  • Update 4.2 Release
  • Marita Release

Obviously, the big deal here is the release of the Marita map (which you can watch it in action here). Hopefully, by that time, Al Sundan will finally be available for Conquest too.

What other bugs does DICE need to fix ASAP aside from this invisibility bug? Share ’em in the comments below.

Source: Reddit