DICE Removes Non-Weapon Assignments in Battlefield 5, Made Earning Company Coins Harder

battlefield 5

While DICE has released the biggest content drop Battlefield 5 has ever seen in the latest patch, it seems the studio tweaked the way some in-game rewards are handled. It seems DICE has removed non-weapon Assignments, which were an easy way to snag Company Coin.

Aside from that, it also looks like DICE has taken out the post-match Company Coin Assignments, and are awarding just 200 Company Coins per Weekly Challenge completed. This means that those who farm Company Coins for skins and whatnot will have a harder time in doing so.

If you’re looking to obtain as much Company Coin as you can, here are the ways to do it post Battlefield 5 patch 7.0 (per YouTuber DannyonPC):

Well, there you go, then. You’ll just have to adjust how to earn Company Coin now, though it is kind of odd why DICE changed it in the first place.

In other Battlefield 5 news, gamers across the world are pushing for a #SaveBFV movement for DICE to continue supporting the game with new content. DICE has also acknowledged some of the issues the 7.0 patch brought to the game, and will roll out updates to fix ’em.

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