DICE Sets Up Battlefield 5 Trello Board for Feedback, Here’s How It Works

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Just a couple of weeks ago, DICE mentioned that it was working on being more transparent and making its communication better with the community. Well, today, we have our first step regarding that with the Battlefield 5 Trello board.

If you’re familiar with Trello, then it doesn’t need any explanation,and you can check it out here. But if you’re not, here’s what it is, and how it’s important for the future of Battlefield 5.

What is it?

A Trello board, for those that haven’t seen or used one before, is an easy to access hub where we can keep you updated on the issues that we’re tracking. The platform has some really cool features, that allow us to edit, update, tag and move the issues that we’re posting – all of which you can track yourself by electing to follow (either for individual issues, individual columns, or the entire board) so that you can get updates when these issues are archived, commented on, or resolved.

How does it work? 

First, we have to get some content in there. Our Trello board currently consists of the following columns (but this is only the beginning – feedback from the community will help us improve on this board):

  • FAQ – Simply put, this explains what the Trello board is, what various items within the cards are, and what the status tags mean.
  • Community Broadcasts – We will link EVERY Community Broadcast to the Trello board. Click on the card and select your prefered forum – the Battlefield Forums or the Battlefield V subreddit, and check out that Community Broadcast. And we’ll be adding  more Community Broadcasts as we roll them out.
  • Bugs/Issues Tracker – We’ll be updating – weekly – the Bugs/Issues column with new top trending bugs and issues affecting the community at large. Each card will include a name for the issue, a short description, and a tracked JIRA link. The SLA (service-level  agreement, or ETA on resolution) for any bug or issue in this list will be a maximum of 3 updates. Our goal is to get it within a maximum of 2 updates, then one. This is, by no means, an exhaustive list of every bug or issue we’re tracking, but these are the ones the community has been most vocal about or issues that cause significant gameplay issues that must be resolved quickly. As we get updates from the Dev & QA team on the status of each of these, we’ll add notes to the cards to keep you informed.
  • Feature Requests – This is something we will be bringing in as an update in the coming weeks. We’ve heard a lot of requests from the community regarding certain features, and we want to start tracking progress on those as well – and we want to keep you informed of that progress! Here’s the best part – as we add items to that list, the community can vote on what feature or request you’d like to see prioritized. We want to set appropriate expectations on this list as well, so it too will have an SLA requirement. If it’s not coming, or if it’s not coming within the next 3 major updates, it won’t be featured on the list.
  • Update/Hotfix Notes – Every Update Note, every Hotfix note since 4.0 will be hosted here, with redirect links on each of the cards to the full details of the notes. We will be sorting them in descending order, so the latest Update Notes will always be at the top.
  • Links – This list will have links to our global Twitter, Facebook, website, official forums, subreddit, Discord channels, as well as links to submit Bugs, and details on how to report harassment, cheating, and abuse.

Next, we need to keep it relevant and updated. We’ll be updating the status of items weekly, adding new trending things as they come up and archiving completed items.

And then we keep on building on it. We keep on improving it, based on your feedback.

For now, there is no way for the community to add issues or features directly on the board, but DICE is open to someday opening it up. Those not familiar or don’t want to pore over Trello, DICE has also mentioned that the main issues discussed there will be included in weekly recap posts and so on.

In other Battlefield 5 news, check out some of the datamined content from the game’s patch this week. There’s also a new Basic Training mode that teaches players the basics in playing Conquest.

Source: Reddit