Digital Extremes Ensures Tennocon 2020 Event Will Happen Despite of Coronavirus, May Stream Event Instead

Digital Extremes explained why tickets for Tennocon 2020 haven’t gone on sale yet as the studio takes a cautious approach due to the Coronavirus.

In the latest Devstream, representatives from Digital Extremes touched briefly on the subject as to why tickets for Tennocon 2020 have yet to go on sale.

“We are very excited to put tickets on sale, but we are holding off on the announcement until we better understand what’s going on with conventions and coronavirus overall. Just with the way things have been shaking out with GDC and PAX, we’re really cautious and don’t want to put the health of our players or the development team put at a risk, so we are waiting to see how the situation will essentially go on or not. No matter what, there will be something. It just may not be physical, there will be a Tennocon event. It could be digital.”

2020’s Tennocon event date was just announced a little over two weeks ago. Since then, we have had countless studios and publishers announce their backing out of other major gaming events such as PAX and GDC (event postponed) due to the growing concern of the Coronavirus. Tennocon is currently scheduled for July 11th. Sadly, if things continue to get worse with the virus then we will most likely look at the public portion of the event being canceled. As mentioned above, if this were to happen the studio would instead favor a safer approach by streaming all the content they had planned to show off. For now, it’s still early to confirm whether or not the public event will still happen so we’ll be sure to keep you all updated as new details surface.

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