Dying Light New Event Starts Today, New Trailer Thanks Fans for 5th Year Anniversary

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Just yesterday, Techland released a rather chunky patch for Dying Light, which not only introduced a host of gameplay fixes and tweaks, but also the prep work for the Dying Light new event to mark the game’s fifth year anniversary.

Well. that event is already live! Check out the trailer for that below via the Dying Light official Twitter account.

Not only that, but Techland has also released a “Thank You” video thanking fans for five awesome years of supporting Dying Light! We see YouTubers, streamers and more play the game, and the studio also highlights the content it has released for the title over the years.

Keeping Dying Light alive and thriving for half a decade would be impossible without the undying support of our amazing community. Having that and the significance of the occasion in mind, we decided that the 5th anniversary celebration needs to be a large-scale experience that offers something for every Survivor. With this video we want to say ‘

Thank You’ for all these years you have been with us!

I have to admit, Dying Light’s post-launch support is possibly one of the best I’ve seen of all-time. This simple fact alone has me (and a lot of people) excited for Dying Light 2 even if was just delayed recently.

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