EA JP Apologizes After Battlefield 2042 Stream Event Experiences Issues, Apologizes for Game’s Problems, Too

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After a ton of problems, EA JP has issued an apology for the Battlefield 2042 stream event which experienced a ton of issues. In addition to this, the apology also extended to the game’s current situation, which has resulted in the devs releasing one patch after the other in order to fix the game ASAP.

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The apology was issued by the official Battlefield Japan Twitter account as an image, and you can check our translated text below:

Here is a translation of the apology, courtesy of cenorexia over on Reddit:

To everyone in the Japanese Battlefield community, various technical issues arose at the BATTLEFIELD 2042 live stream event held on the 20th.

We are keenly aware that these qualities are our responsibility, and we take it seriously, and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to the talents, influencers, and the community who watched the event.

In addition, regarding various problems that are currently occurring, the development team will continue to update so that you can enjoy a better game experience.

We will continue to listen to the voices of the Japanese community and do our utmost to provide you with the best experience of BATTLEFIELD 2042.

Check here for more information on upcoming BATTLEFIELD 2042 updates:


In the same Reddit thread, users commended EA Japan’s response to the troubled Battlefield 2042 stream event, with many in the Western side of gaming wishing that the actual EA would also apologize for the current state of Battlefield 2042.

In case you missed it, developer DICE have mentioned that they are already aware of the current hit registration issues, and that they have plans to address it in early December. Read more about this and more over on our official Battlefield hub.

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