Battlefield 2042 Player Count Experiences Sharp Decline on Steam Less Than a Month After Launch

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After its mostly overwhelming debut on the platform, EA and DICE face another issue as the Battlefield 2042 player count on Steam has experienced a massive drop over the course of its release. In less than a month, it went from more than 100k players on the platform to less than 40k peak at the time of writing, with projections that it will hit lower by the end of the week.

The numbers for Battlefield 2042 player count come from SteamDB, which curates player numbers across the platform. Checking the graphs, the game debuted with spectacular numbers on its early access release date of November 11. Two weeks later, it was down to nearly half, with future projections showing it will hit 30k sometime next week.

While more than 30,000 players is still considered a lot on the PC platform, this is still a sign of the game’s troubled launch that it would sink this low. The stealth launch of Halo Infinite on the platform can also be considered a factor, as while that may be experiencing its own share of troubles with regards to multiplayer progression, it does hold a Very Positive rating with a 24-hour peak of more than 130,000 players.

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1 year ago

I think you meant to write “After its mostly negative debut on the platform” in the first line.

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