Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update – Items and Sales for July 23 2019


A new Fallout 76 Atomic Shop update has gone live for July 23 2019. The update features new items that players can purchase with the Atoms they’ve either bough themselves, or earned through in-game challenges. Many of these items are time-limited, and won’t be available forever, so anyone hoping to get them should do so quickly.

Free Items

Simply by viewing the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop update this week players can earn this Free States “Do Not Enter” Sign. This is possible from now through to July 30 2019, but after that players won’t be able to unlock it again.


Limited-Time Offers

Three Free States bundles are available from the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop update, each featuring individual items for character customisation. These bundles will help players show off their reputation with the faction, bringing new Power Armor Paint, Weapon Skins, Jetpack Skins, and more with the Survivalist and Revolutionary bundles.

The third bundle, the Trailblazer bundle, packages everything from both the Survivalist and Revolutionary bundles together with a Gold Standing Flag, as well as an exclusive bonus. While the Trailblazer bundle is only available for two weeks, the Survivalist and Revolutionary bundles will be available until August 30 2019.

Also available fo the next two weeks are the Liberty Prime and Patriot Prime Power Armor Skins, each of which play a special voice line while being worn.

Finally, for this week only the Camouflage Hunting Rifle Paint is back in the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop.



The following items will be available in the Atomic Shop for a short time, as specified below, beginning and ending at 12pm ET.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Camouflage Hunting Rifle Paint500July 23July 30
Liberty Prime Power Armor Skin Set1,800July 16August 6
Free States Trailblazer Bundle2,800July 23August 6
Free States Survivalist Bundle1,800July 23August 20
Free States Revolutionary Bundle2,000July 23August 20

The Free States Survivalist Bundle Contains:

  • Survivalist Power Armor Paint
  • Free States Survivalist Jetpack
  • Free States 10mm Submachine Gun Paint
  • Free States Survivalist Outfit, Hat, and Bandana
  • Survivalist Pip-Boy Paint
  • Free States Survivalist Player Icon
  • Free States Survivalist White and Black Flags
  • Green Free States Backpack
  • Tan Free States Backpack
  • Free States Keep Out Signs

The Free States Revolutionary Bundle Contains:

  • Revolutionary Power Armor Paint
  • Free States Revolutionary Jetpack
  • Free States Combat Shotgun Paint
  • Free States Revolutionary Outfit and Helmet
  • Revolutionary Pip-Boy Paint
  • Free States Revolutionary Player Icon
  • Free States Revolutionary Blue and Black Flags
  • Free States Vending Machine Paint
  • Free States Salute Emote
  • Free States Truck Bed Trailer Set

The Free States Trailblazer Bundle Contains:

  • Free States Gold Flag
  • Everything in the Survivalist Bundle
  • Everything in the Revolutionary Bundle

Item Sales

ItemSale PriceSale StartsSale Ends
Vault-Tec Armor Workbench700 560 (20% Off!)July 23July 24
Vault-Tec Weapon Workbench700 560 (20% Off!)July 24July 25
Tough Girl Photomode Pose400 240 (40% Off!)July 25July 26
It’s Friday! Photomode Frame200 80 (60% Off!)July 26July 27
Manta Man Costume800 720 (10% Off!)July 27July 28
Wood Grain Camera Paint300 240 (20% Off!)July 28July 29
Dough-Boy Pip-Boy Paint400 320 (20% Off!)July 29July 30

New Items

A number of other new items have also been added with the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop update.



ItemAtom Price
Mr. Fuzzy Ride500
Cement Tire Wall Set500
Free States Generator Skin Set500
Cement Filled Tire Set300

While the following items were added with a previous update, they’re still available in the Atomic Shop.

ItemAtom Price
Rhododendron Pant Suit600
Picket Fences Set500
Deathclaw Topiary300
Flora Photomode Frame Set300
Large Potted Succulent Set300
Tulip and Daffodil Planters300
Carnivorous Plant200
Potted Cactus Set200
Tiered Succulents200
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