Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update – Items and Sales for August 27, 2019


The Fallout 76 Atomic Shop update for August 27, 2019 is now live. The update brings new items to the store for players to purchase using Atoms, as well as some free content that they can get their hands on if they log in from today. As a little reminder, Atoms are the premium currency in Fallout 76, but they can also be earned by completing challenges in-game.

Free Items

Today Bethesda has announced a new free item in the Atomic Shop. This is a new Player Icon called Escape Artist, and it can be claimed from the Atomic Shop right now by everyone. This item will be available until September 3, 2019.


Limited-Time Offers


New to the Atomic Shop for a limited time is the Future-Tec Bundle. This bundle includes an exclusive Future-Tec Globe and other Future-Tec items for use in Fallout 76’s CAMP system. The Vault-Tec Prototype Generators can be purchased separately from the bundle, allowing players to get their hands on some shiny new technology without breaking the bank.


Included in the Future-Tec Bundles is:

  • Future-Tec World Globe – Bonus item exclusive to the Future-Tec Bundle
  • In the Vault Stairs
  • Vault-Tec Prototype Generators
  • Vault Boy 2000 Plushie
  • Vault Boy 2000 Lamp
  • Vault Boy 2000 Cardboard Stand-Up
  • Vault-Tec and Future-Tec Flags

Scabber Raiders

It’s still possible to pick up the Scabber Raiders Bundle and individual items from the Atomic Shop.


Included in the Scabber Raiders Bundle is:

  • Raider Player Icon – Bonus item exclusive to the Scabber Raider Bundle.
  • Scabber Power Armor Skin
  • Raider Scabber Outfit
  • Scabber Handmade Rifle Paint
  • Scabber Tire Backpack
  • Scabber Pip-Boy Paint
  • Raider Scabber Flags

These scabby looking outfits can be purchased from and until 12pm ET on the following dates

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Vault-Tec Power Armor Paints1,200August 27September 3
Future-Tec Bundle1,500August 27September 10
Vault-Tec Prototype Generators500August 27September 17
Scabber Raider Bundle1,800August 20September 3
Scabber Power Armor Skin1,400August 20September 10
Raider Scabber Outfit800August 20September 10
Scabber Handmade Rifle Paint700August 20September 10
Scabber Tire Backpack500August 20September 10
Scabber Pip-Boy Paint400August 20September 10
Raider Scabber Flags200August 20September 10

Item Sales

ItemSale PriceSale StartsSale Ends
Mountaineer Outfit800 640 (20% Off!)August 27September 3
Carnivorous Plant200 100 (50% Off!)August 28August 29
Fish Lamp300 150 (50% Off!)August 29August 30
Willard Plushie200 100 (50% Off!)August 30August 31
Rhododendron Suit600 300 (50% Off!)August 31September 1
Clean Billboard500 300 (40% Off!)September 1September 2
Green Boy Player Icon150 60 (60% Off!)September 2September 3
Alpine Horn200 120 (40% Off!)September 2September 3

Items Leaving the Store

Some items are leaving the Atomic Shop, either forever or for a short period of time. However, these items will be discounted for a while before they disappear. The discounts and dates the items are available until are listed below.

ItemSale PriceSale StartsSale Ends
Pickaxe Pilsner Sign500 250 (50% Off!)August 27August 28
Home Sweet Home Photomode Frame200 100 (50% Off!)August 27August 28
Red Rocket Bed300 150 (50% Off!)August 27August 28
Modern Chandelier300 300 (40% Off!)August 27August 29
Easter Bonnet300 180 (40% Off!)August 27August 30
AstroTurf Floors and Foundations600 360 (40% Off!)August 27August 31
Red Rocket Pip-Boy Paint600 360 (40% Off!)August 27September 1
Heroic Photomode Pose150 90 (40% Off!)August 27September 2
Classical Column300 180 (40% Off!)August 27September 2
Tactical Ops Underarmor700 560 (20% Off!)August 27September 3
Princess Castle Bed500 400 (20% Off!)August 27September 3
Conspiracy Suit Underarmor800 640 (20% Off!)August 27September 3

New Items

Finally, some brand new items are heading to the Atomic Shop right now. Take a look at the list below and decide what you’re buying before Fallout 76 has fully loaded up.

ItemAtom Price
Double Wide Vault 76 Staircase500
Vault Boy 2000 Desk Lamp500
Vault Boy 2000 Cutout300
Vault Boy 2000 Plushie300
Vault-Tec Flag Set100

Don’t forget to check out the latest Fallout 76 patch, which brought Vault 94 to the game.

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