Fallout 76 Update 1.26 Patch Notes and File Size Info – Brings Vault 94 and More

fallout 76 update 1.26 patch notes

Bethesda has released a new Fallout 76 update, and it’s a big one! This one brings in Vault 94, Nuclear Winter’s Choose Your Perks system and so much more! There are also gameplay fixes included as well. Check out the full Fallout 76 update 1.26 patch notes below! Note that this is also called Fallout 76 patch 12.

Clocking in at 7GB on consoles, and 2GB on PC, check out the full Fallout 76 update 1.26 patch notes below.

Fallout 76 update 1.26 patch notes:

Patch Highlights

  • Prepare to Storm Vault 94: Assemble your team and get ready to take on our first instanced Vault Raid! Complete missions to find out what happened to Vault 94’s Dwellers and claim exciting rewards, like Plans to craft unique new Vault Armor sets.
    • Please Note: Vault 94 will open first on PC on August 20. We are currently planning to open Vault 94 on consoles in the next few days, provided there are no significant issues discovered following PC release.
  • Flaunt Your Collection: Show off the gear you’ve collected to everyone who visits your C.A.M.P. by constructing a few Display Cases.
  • Fill Your Pockets: We’ve increased the maximum number of Caps each character can hold to 30,000.
  • Rest Like You Mean It: Furniture, Instruments, and drinking from open water sources now require a long press so you don’t perform these actions by accident.
  • (Nuclear Winter) Choose Your Perks: Duplicate Perk Cards now award Overseer Tickets, which you can use to unlock Perk Cards you don’t already own.
  • (Nuclear Winter) Balance Changes: We’ve implemented a variety of balance and design updates for many Weapons and other items in Nuclear Winter.

New Vault Raid: Vault 94

  • The opening of Vault 94 marks the arrival of our first Vault Raid, which is a challenging dungeon experience designed to be completed by a team of up to four level 50+ characters.
    • Vault 94 utilizes instancing technology, which will prevent players who are not on your team from affecting or interrupting your team’s experience.
    • Please note: We are currently planning to open Vault 94 first on PC starting today, August 20. If Vault Raids on PC run smoothly over the next couple of days, we will then open the Vault for consoles. If significant issues are discovered, we may further delay console release or disable the Raid on PC until we’ve implemented the necessary fixes.
  • Tune in to begin: Start a Vault Raid by listening to the Vault 94 Emergency Broadcast radio station.
  • Three missions to complete: Vault 94 features three different missions: Dead in the Water, Meltdown, and Washout.
    • Each mission lasts for one week, repeats every three weeks, and only one mission at a time will be available for play.
    • Vault 94 will become temporarily inaccessible for around three hours when one mission rotates to the next each week.
  • Three difficulty modes: You can choose Novice, Standard, or Expert mode every time you play a mission.
    • Novice mode is untimed. Standard and Expert mode have quest timers and feature more difficult encounters. More difficult modes also award better loot and more XP.
    • If time runs out or your entire team is downed, you will need to start the mission over.
  • Claim new rewards: Complete Vault 94 missions to earn XP, Caps, Improved Repair Kits, Legendary Scrips, crafting materials, and items, like Weapons, Armor, and Plans.
    • Completing a mission on any difficulty will also award Vault 94 Steel, which is used to craft unique new Vault Armor sets, which grant special bonuses to the wearer.
    • Vault Armor sets are awarded via Plans by completing Standard or Expert mode missions. Vault Armor can be crafted at Armor Workbenches.
    • Vault 94 Steel, Vault Armor, and Vault Armor Plans cannot be dropped, traded, or sold.
    • Vault mission rewards can be earned once per difficulty mode, per mission, per day.
  • Read our recent deep dive article on Fallout.com for even more details about Vault 94.

C.A.M.P. Display Cases

  • Display Cases are new C.A.M.P. objects that you can use to show off the Weapons, Magazines, Bobbleheads, and other items you’ve collected.
    • Use the new “Displays” tab in the C.A.M.P. Build menu found between “Stash Boxes” and “Floor Décor” to construct a variety of different displays.
  • Once built, you can assign items to your Displays directly from your Stash.
    • Items you assign will remain in the Stash, and a new icon will appear next to their names to indicate which items in the list are currently on display.
    • You can place up to 30 Displays at once, and each type of Display has a maximum number of items that can be assign to it.
  • Read our recent article on Fallout.com to learn more about Display Cases.


  • Atomic Shop: A standee has been added to the Berkeley Springs Train Station that can be activated to visit the Atomic Shop while playing in an Adventure or Survival Mode world.
  • Caps: Increased the maximum number of Caps per character from 25,000 to 30,000.
  • Grafton: The Grafton Fast Travel Point has been moved farther from the Grafton Train Station across the city’s east bridge.


  • Armor: All Enclave Scout Armor mods are always available for purchase at the Enclave Armory.
  • Ammo: Flamer Fuel can now be crafted using the Tinker’s Workbench.
  • Ammo: Doubled the Ultracite Ammo produced by all Ultracite Ammo Recipes and increased the non-Flux ingredient costs by roughly 50%.
  • Junk: Burnt Books and Magazines can now be scrapped and produce 1 Raw Cloth.
  • Power Armor: Jetpack Mods have been added for Ultracite and Raider Power Armor.
  • Weapons: Recon Scopes can no longer be used to mark other players.

Perk Cards

  • Perk Card Packs: No longer award Perk Cards that only have a single rank.
    • Developer Note: This change is intended to safeguard against players receiving duplicate Perk Cards that cannot be ranked up. Specifically, the following Cards will no longer appear in Perk Card Packs: Aquaboy/Aquagirl, Awareness, Chemist, Curator, Dry Nurse, Escape Artist, Field Surgeon, Fortune Finder, Good Doggy, Green Thumb, Hacker, Expert Hacker, Master Hacker, Healing Hands, Last Laugh, Light Footed, Night Eyes, Pannapictagraphist, Percepti-bobble, Picklock, Expert Picklock, Master Picklock, Professional Drinker, Quack Surgeon, Radicool, Scrapper, Strange in Numbers, Travel Agent, and Woodchucker.

Quests and Events

Charleston Capitol Courthouse
  • We’ve reworked the interior layout and design of the Charleston Capitol Courthouse to better support the Key to the Past questline.
    • Key to the Past objectives in the Courthouse have not changed, but the updated space should provide a richer experience for those playing through the quest.
    • Several new Notes have been added, providing more lore to be discovered.
  • The Courthouse and the main Capitol Building have been split into two different interior cells, and enemy level ranges have been adjusted in both locations:
    • The Courthouse level range now matches the Top of the World.
    • The Capitol Building level range now matches The Mire region.
  • Please Note: The “Office of the Registrar” that must be accessed during the Recruitment Blues questline has been relocated from the Courthouse to the main Capitol Building
Morgantown Airport
  • We’ve made significant updates to Morgantown Airport’s exterior to further improve on early game questing experiences for new players.
    • Encounters in this area have been reworked to offer better combat experiences.
    • The Medical Hut has received layout and design updates to better support the Final Departure quest.
    • The Tentative Plans and Safe for Work Quests are now given by a Terminal located across from the Medical Hut.
    • The “Advanced Responder Training” entry has been removed from the Airport’s interior Terminal and the objective now appears automatically after completing Tentative Plans.
Additional Quest and Event Updates
  • Collision Course: This Event no longer begins automatically when players enter the event area. Instead, players must choose to start Collision Course by firing a Flare from a new mortar that has been added to the Event location.
    • We’ve also made some consistency updates to the Collision Course objectives and improved the Vertibot’s pathing and delivery method when it drops off its cargo at the end of the Event.
  • Daily Quests: All Daily Quests now persist when logging out and back in. Additionally, some Dailies checkpoint your progress to make it easier to resume where you left off.
    • We’ve also substantially increased the Caps and XP awarded by many Daily Quests. Dailies are meant to be something fun to do every day, so the rewards have been increased to make them more enticing to complete.
    • Please Note: We are currently aware of an issue that prevents some Daily Quests in The Mire region from starting again after the first time you complete them. We are investigating and plan to address this in an upcoming update.


  • Music: The existing music in the Atomic Shop has been replaced with three new tracks.

User Interface

  • Press and Hold Activators: Players must now hold down the “Activate” button to enter Furniture, start playing an Instrument, or to drink from an open water source. This has been implemented to reduce the likelihood of performing these actions by accident.
  • Quest Marker Descriptions: Quest markers that appear in the world now display objective text for the Quests they belong to.
    • You can enable or disable these objective descriptions, or adjust their display distance, using in the Display Settings menu.
  • Throwable Weapons Counter: The number of throwable weapons (grenades, mines, throwing knives, etc) the player has equipped now temporarily appears when un-holstering a weapon, or reloading ranged weapons, and disappears immediately when holstering a weapon.

Nuclear Winter Design Changes

Choose Your Perks System

  • In response to community feedback, we’ve added the Choose Your Perks system to Nuclear Winter, which will give you more freedom to decide which Perk Cards you’d like to unlock.
    • Duplicate Perk Cards that you earn from Perk Card Packs now award a currency called Overseer Tickets.
    • Overseer Tickets can be redeemed in the Perk Menu to purchase Perk Cards of your choice that you do not already own.
    • The number of Overseer Tickets needed to unlock new Perk Cards varies from card to card.
  • Additionally, Perk Card Packs are now awarded at each new Overseer Rank you reach, rather than at varying intervals.
    • Perk Packs will be awarded retroactively for Overseer Ranks players reached prior to this change. These Perk Packs will be unlocked the next time the player ranks up.
  • Head to Fallout.com to learn more about these changes directly from ZAX!

Design and Balance

  • Terminals: The “Request Stimpak” Terminal option has been reworked and renamed “Request Aid Package”
    • Choosing this option now provides 3 Stimpaks, 1 Super Stimpak, 2 RadAway, and a random Serum. Previously, this option granted 4 Stimpaks or 2 Super Stimpaks.
    • Developer Note: Previously, this Terminal option was not as desirable as the others. Increasing how much Aid you receive and adding in RadAway and a Serum greatly increases the value of this choice. This also helps to boost the availability of RadAway.
  • Vault 51: Rebalanced the Overseer Rank requirements to access certain areas within Vault 51.
  • Fury: No longer applies a damage bonus to fist weapons or unarmed attacks.
  • RadAway: Greatly increased the effectiveness of RadAway.
    • Developer Note: RadAway wasn’t as effective as it should be for how rare it is, so we’ve greatly increased its effect.
  • Quick Kits: Added a Staircase Quick Kit that you can use to traverse steep terrain or gain the high ground.
  • Weapon Weights: Rebalanced weights of ranged weapons.
    • Developer Note: Weapon weights were inconsistent, and it was sometimes hard to tell exactly what was weighing you down the most. We’ve changed ranged weapon weight values to streamline them. Ranged weapon weights generally follow these principles:
    • Pistols: 5 lbs
    • Rifles, Shotguns, and Submachine Guns: 10 lbs
    • Heavy Weapons: 20 – 30 lbs
  • Automatic RAD Rifle: Slightly reduced recoil when firing the Automatic RAD Rifle.
  • Automatic Handmade Rifle: Increased the Ammo spawned with the weapon from 60 to 90.
  • Automatic Assault Rifle: Increased the Ammo spawned with the weapon from 60 to 90.
    • Developer Note: The Automatic Handmade and Assault Rifles are the only two weapons that use the 5.56 ammo type. We wanted to make sure players could actually use these weapons for more than a fight or two, since this ammo is rarer than others.
  • Combat Sniper Rifle: Reduced the Combat Sniper Rifle’s ammo capacity from 10 to 8.
  • Gatling Gun: Reduced the Gatling Gun’s accuracy at long range.
  • Lever Action Rifle: Increased the Lever Action Rifle’s reload speed and increased Ammo capacity from 5 to 8.
    • Developer Note: The basic Lever Action Rifle was underperforming compared to other weapons in its tier. These changes will help make it a more viable choice.
  • Minigun: Reduced the Minigun’s reload speed.
  • Tesla Rifle: Greatly reduced the Tesla Rifle’s area of effect range.
    • Developer Note: The Tesla gun’s AoE attack was too powerful and too lenient, which made playing against it unfun. Reducing its AoE range will bring its power back down to a more manageable level.

User Interface

  • Match Summary: Added more visual fanfare for second and third place teams on match summary screens.
  • Perk Menu: Players can remain on the same screen when opening Perk Card Packs to open them more quickly.

Bug Fixes

Art and Graphics
  • Animation: Stimpak animations no longer fail to play when returning to Adventure or Survival Mode after a Nuclear Winter match.
  • Graphics: Flame visual effects now correctly appear while using a Power Armor Jetpack.
C.A.M.P., Crafting, and Workshops
  • Blueprints: Fixed an issue that could cause objects to be stored individually rather than in a Blueprint if a player moved C.A.M.P. locations without first modifying anything in their C.A.M.P. during that play session.
  • Budget: Fixed an issue that could cause the C.A.M.P. Budget bar to briefly display an incorrect value upon opening the Build menu.
  • Bulb Signs: The Welcome Friends sign and Light Bulb Letters set are now easier to read when lit.
  • Greenhouse: Is now correctly marked as a premium item in the Build menu.
  • Locks: After lock on a door in a player’s C.A.M.P. has been picked, the lock will now be removed.
  • Mr. Fuzzy Ride: Character models no longer clip into the Mr. Fuzzy Ride when exiting the Ride.
  • Power: Fixed an issue in which correctly powered items sometimes did not receive power when they were placed or moved.
  • Power Armor Station: Fixed an issue that could allow players to move a Power Armor Station that was in use by another player.
  • Scrap: The “Scrap All Junk” button is now correctly disabled at Workbenches if the player does not have any Junk in their inventory that can be scrapped.
  • Statues: The Bronze and Iron versions of the Hero of the Wasteland Statue can now be correctly moved or stored after they have been built.
  • White Picket Fences: Increased the maximum amount of White Picket Fence objects that can be built in a C.A.M.P. from 16 to 32.
  • General: “Learn Cooking Recipes” and “Discover Location” that had already been completed by a player but did not progress correctly in the Challenges menu will now be marked completed and their rewards will be granted retroactively.
  • Weekly: The “Kill a Sheepsquatch” subchallenge for the “Kill Huge Creatures” Challenge can now progress properly when completed.
  • World: Many “Discover Location” Challenges now progress properly when completed.
  • World: Locations discovered via Quests now correctly count toward “Discover Location” Challenge progress.
  • World: The Chemist Possum Badge subchallenge to “Shoot a Yao Guai with a Syringer” now correctly completes after hitting a Yao Guai with any type of Syringer.
  • Brahmin: Now correctly take increased damage from headshots.
  • Corpses: Enemy corpses that contain no loot no longer display a loading symbol indefinitely in the transfer menu.
  • Corpses: Traveling Merchant corpses now correctly spawn as human corpses, rather than Deathclaw or other creature corpses.
  • Critters: Reduced Health for several critters, such as Chickens, that had more Health than low level creatures that can attack.
  • Flatwoods Monster: The Flatwoods Monster’s melee attacks now correctly deal damage to players.
  • Gulpers: Fixed an issue causing Gulpers to regenerate Health during combat.
  • Liberators: Can no longer turn into Goo Piles when destroyed.
  • Radtoads: Now have a more diverse pool of possible loot drops and have greater odds of awarding more loot the higher level they are.
  • Radtoads: Egg mines placed by a Radtoad can now be disarmed.
  • Loot: 2- and 3-star Legendary melee weapons that drop as loot no longer always spawn with the “+50% Limb Damage” attribute.
  • Armor: Updated the Antiseptic legendary armor attribute description to correctly list that it provides “+25% environmental disease resistance”, not “+25% Rad resistance.”
  • Cryolator: The Standard Stock mod no longer incorrectly states that it provides better recoil.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could cause issues affecting the Power Armor model.
  • Mods: The error message that appears when attempting to craft the Mothman Headlamp for Power Armor that lacks the Mothman Paint no longer displays placeholder text.
  • Sledgehammer: The “No Upgrade” Mod has been removed from the Sledgehammer.
  • The Purveyor: Fixed an issue in which unintended types of Combat Armor could be received from the Purveyor.
  • Treasure Maps: Corrected the title of Ash Heap Treasure Map #02, which was previously listed as #07.
  • Weapons: The Furious Legendary Weapon attribute now correctly applies increased damage output on consecutive hits against the same target.
  • Chameleon: Fixed an issue that could prevent the Stealth effect granted by the Chameleon Mutation from displaying correctly to other players.
Performance and Stability
  • Stability: Addressed an issue that could cause a crash when exiting to the Main Menu.
  • Stability: Fixed an issue that could cause a crash while waiting to join a Nuclear Winter match from the Main Menu.
  • Performance: Implemented an improvement for server performance.
Quests and Events
  • It’s a Trap: Fixed an issue that could prevent a Scorchbeast from reaching the Event area in The Mire.
  • Mission: Countdown: Players now correctly earn experience after completing each section of each Missile Silo, subject to the once-per-day Mission Quest limit.
  • The Order of the Tadpole: Trumpet sound effects at Camp Lewis now only play until the player speaks to Scout Leader Jaggy for the first time, and no longer play continuously.
  • Trick or Treat: Fixed an issue that could prevent progress from being saved correctly during the Trick or Treat Daily Quest.
  • Tadpole Swimming Test: Players now receive a quest marker instructing them where to find a Swimsuit if they attempted to start the Swimming Test without one.
  • Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Quest marker to “Find and Recover Wolf’s Cache” now displays consistently while attempting to complete the objective.
User Interface
  • Atomic Shop: New items on the Featured page in the Atomic Shop now correctly display a “New” tag.
  • Controls: On PC, the game controls no longer become unresponsive after opening the Social menu while naming a character or renaming an item.
  • Hotkeys: On PC, pressing the “M” key to close the Map Menu now correctly closes submenus.
  • HUD: The experience bar no longer occasionally persists on-screen.
  • Legendary Exchange: When selling an item to a Legendary Exchange Machine, other legendary items in the player’s inventory list can no longer be highlighted if the sale confirmation prompt is visible.
  • Markers: Fixed an issue that could cause direction markers to appear incorrect in the Compass and on the Map after using an Emote.
  • Survival Mode: The “Top 3” leaderboard widget has been removed from the Map in Survival Mode to match previous changes that disabled Map highlights for the Top 3 ranked players in a Survival World.
  • Survival Mode: Removed mention of Map highlights for the Top 3 ranked players on the Survival Mode More Info page.
  • Vending: If a Vending Machine is stored or scrapped, the items it previously contained will no longer persist in the list of items for sale on the Map.
  • Water: Open water sources now correctly indicate whether they are Dirty or Toxic Water.
  • Lucky Hole Mine: Fixed a number of Ore veins that were previously inaccessible.

Nuclear Winter Bug Fixes

Art and Graphics
  • Animation: The Storm’s visual effects now animate correctly prior to the Storm’s first constriction during a match.
  • Graphics: Grasses beyond the Storm wall now correctly display burnt and ash visual effects.
  • Graphics: Smoke clouds and debris visual effects created by a Nuke blast are now more transparent and have more natural coloring.
  • C.A.M.P.: The C.A.M.P. module now remains accessible after a Foundation placed underneath it has been removed.
  • Posters: The Nuclear Winter Poster Set is now double-sided.
  • Spawning: Players can no longer take Radiation damage while the spawn-in effect is active at the beginning of a match.
  • Power Armor: The descriptions for Power Armor Paints unlocked via Overseer Ranks now correctly indicate that they can be applied to all types of Power Armor.
  • Weapons: Fixed a number of weapons that had incorrect damage output following Patch 11.
Perk Cards
  • Tenderizer: Adjusted description text to clarify how the Tenderizer Perk functions: “Targets take 20% more weapon damage for 10 seconds after an armed attack.”
User Interface
  • HUD: Damage resistance numbers no longer disappear after picking up higher-quality Armor than the Armor the player had previously equipped.
  • HUD: Nuke “Blast Zone” indicators no longer hang on the edge of the screen after a player has left the area.
  • Match Summary: Fixed an issue in which Adventure Mode XP was displayed incorrectly on the Match Summary screen.
  • Match Summary: The edges of the background are no longer visible on end of match screens.
  • Perk Menu: Fixed an issue that could prevent the Perk Pack opening animation from appearing correctly.
  • Perk Menu: Opening the Perk Menu just as the Deployment Map appears no longer causes an “Unopened Perk Pack” prompt to appear on top of the Map.
  • Activatable Objects: Fixed various in-world and C.A.M.P. objects that were not intended to be activatable during Nuclear Winter matches.
  • Nuclear Briefcases: Adjusted a Nuclear Briefcase spawn near Wixon Homestead that was previously inaccessible.
  • Vault 51: Made adjustments to collision in several locations within Vault 51.
  • Weapons: Removed an unintended Combat Knife spawn in a lodge in Helvetia.

In other Fallout 76 news, go check out the Vault 94 raid details here. A fan also built an LFG hub for Fallout 76 in case you need more players to group up with.

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