Fallout 76 Interactive Map Created by a Fan and Here’s What It Can Do & How to Download It

fallout 76 interactive map

If you’re taking part in the Fallout 76 beta, or just looking forward to the game, then you might want to think of downloading this Fallout 76 interactive digital map! It’s made by Reddit user djbza, and while it’s unofficial, it has a lot of features which should be helpful for those thinking of traversing Fallout 76’s digital wasteland.

It’s now available on the Android Play Store (download link), and here are the current features it has:

Current features:

  • High quality map with zoom/pan features.
  • Completely offline map and markers. Online required only for download/sync and optional sign-in.
  • Categorized and Filterable markers.
  • Up/down voting for markers along with an option to only view markers that are “verified” (I.e. more up than down votes).
  • Check off and hide locations you’ve completed.
  • Comment on locations.
  • Personal (private) notes for locations.
  • One-tap sign-in with Google.

The map maker also has a few ideas to add in the future, which include:

  • Push messaging notifications for new location markers and/or updates/comments to existing locations (could be spammy though).
  • Member lookup for creating teams/groups/clans. Not sure how useful it would be but I guess could be used to synchronize locations and content between people?
  • Local/offline wiki with location & items content. There are great wikis out there already so may just be wasted.

Don’t forget that this is NOT an official product by Bethesda, so don’t go blaming them if you have issues with it. And of course, given this isn’t official, don’t be surprised if Bethesda has this pulled.

In other Fallout 76 news, check out the non-interactive map right here. Don’t forget that the beta is now live on Xbox One, and will be live on PC and PS4 next week.

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Kai Benington
Kai Benington
3 years ago


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