Fortnite Leprechaun Skin Bug Is Not Intentional, Epic Games Confirms

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We recently reported on the Fortnite leprechaun skin bug, which was captured during a Ninja Twitch stream. This bug, which many thought was an actual gameplay-affecting feature of the new premium skin, has now been confirmed to be unintentional. Nick Chester, who works PR for Epic Games, tweeted that the leprechaun skin was not supposed to give players an advantage.

Hurray, Fortnite isn’t turning pay-to-win, so now we can all stop complaining, and aim for that Victory Royale!

In other Fortnite news, it has become the most watched and most streamed game on Twitch, the Flippin’ Sexy emote is driving players wild, and a future update will bridge the Battle Royale and Save the World controls.

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