Ghost Recon Future Soldier June 14 Update Brings Weapon Balance Changes and More

Red Storm and Ubisoft are rolling out a new cloud update for Ghost Recon Future Soldier today at 4 pm UTC (worldwide schedule is posted below). The cloud update, as explained yesterday, will not require players to download anything, and will bring down the servers for 30 mins.

Here are the changes included in the update, as listed on the official forums:


  • Adjusted AK-47 Recoil/Firepower;
  • Increased Rate of Recovery on low rate of Fire LMGs;
  • Decreased Recoil and Firepower of Sniper Rifles, increased dispersion in Aim;
  • Modified Ammo Counts for Extended Mag/Drum Magazine (AK-200);
  • Amended description of FN Five SeveN in Gunsmith.


  • Increased the values of XP for Challenges;
  • Increased the Radius for XP Bonus for using Equipment near Objective.


  • Moved several objective locations (Mill, Sandstorm);
  • Fixed several map exploits.

Also, tomorrow at 10:00 UTC, a fix is “scheduled to go live during an extended maintenance period” to address the progression loss issues. Further, a problem that “prevented some Ghost Recon Network users from connecting” was ironed out recently.

Worldwide Schedule

  • PDT: Thursday June 14th at 8 am ~ 8.30 am
  • EDT: Thursday June 14th at 12:00 ~ 12:30
  • BST: Thursday June 14th at 5 pm ~ 5.30 pm
  • CET: Thursday June 14th at 6 pm ~ 6.30 pm
  • Sydney: Thursday June 15th at 2 am ~ 2.30 am
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