Here’s a Complete Look at the Fortnite Chapter 2 Map

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With Epic Games ushering in the next chapter of Fortnite, possibly the biggest change players will see upfront is the map. If you’re curious how it looks now, take a look at the Fortnite Chapter 2 map below.

Once we get an image of the map complete with location markers and such, we’ll get it out to our readers ASAP.

In case you haven’t been keeping tabs with Fortnite the past few days, Epic Games sucked the entire game’s world into a black hole, which made the game unavailable to everyone for more than 24 hours.

Today, though, we got the big Fortnite Chapter 2 patch, and we also got a new trailer showcasing the Chapter 2 Battle Pass.

Now for those who’d rather play Save the World, check out the game’s new roadmap to see what’s coming in the next few months.