Here’s a Rare Look at a PS3 Prototype Console in Action

ps3 prototype

While almost every gamer in the world knows what a PlayStation 3 (PS3) retail unit looks like, we now have a rare look at a PS3 prototype console that actually works! A gamer with the Twitter handle “pixben” posted a video of the console booting.

We can see it has the code “SCEA 1520022,” with SCEA the name PlayStation’s US division used for decades as Sony Computer Entertainment America, before it was then re-branded into what we know now as Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), which houses the PlayStation division, and other digital offerings from the electronics giant.

While the console itself seems to be different from the traditional PS3 design, the dashboard looks to be similar. There is however some debug options located under the settings tab of the unit. Still, this is a nice look into what a PS3 unti looked like before its design was finalized and sold at retail.

Scene developer, Jeff also promises a full breakdown of the prototype next week and also called this the “G chassis”.


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  1. On N4G people claimed it’s fake citing custom pirate firmware and Slim buttons.

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