Battlefield V Weapons – Here’s What’s Confirmed to Be in So Far

battlefield 5 self resupply

While DICE hasn’t been in a sharing mood when it comes to Battlefield V info, that hasn’t stopped fans from mining the trailers we have of the shooter so far. Thankfully, the latest gameplay video released has its fair share of infantry combat, as we now have a list of the confirmed Battlefield V weapons so far.

Thanks to Reddit user Zombierus, we now have a preliminary list of the weapons confirmed to be usable in Battlefield V. Bear in mind that this isn’t the complete list — though even just the ones shown, it’s still a considerable lot.

battlefield 5 weapons list

Again, it bears repeating that this isn’t the full confirmed list. There’s a very big possibility that there are more weapons to unlock in the final game. And there’s also the equipment, and weapon skins and more. So progression fans will have a ton of stuff to unlock.

In other BFV news, DICE has confirmed that vehicle customization will be available to players post-launch. Also of note, analyst firm Cowen, has mentioned that pre-order sales for the shooter have been “weak.”

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5 years ago

Mining over trailers? Have you seen the numbers? The game is an utter failure that has been so horrible in every aspect including pr that it nearly halved a multi billion dollar companies value all for the pennies in comparison it cost to develop and market. I’ve never actually accused someone of being a shill but even when this article was written (prior to its release). It was apartment that it was going to flop given the community reaction. To ignore that or to act as if it was a small subset or just a bunch of sexists is just dishonest and calls in question your journalistic integrity. Though in this day and age that isn’t all that surprising.

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