Incoming Battlelog Improvements – Android App, Friend Limit Increase, Better Privacy and More

The Battlelog, which has powered Battlefield 3‘s social component throughout its lifetime thus far and will ultimately do the same for the upcoming Battlefield 4, is in for some improvements.

According to the official Battlelog twitter account, the social, stat-tracking service will see a number of upgrades in preparation for Battlefield 4.

Moments ago, the Battlelog team publicly answered a few frequently asked questions. We think you might find some of the responses rather pleasing. Check them out!


“Yes, we are working on an Android version of the Battlelog mobile app.”


“No, we don’t like the 100 friends limit any more than you do, and we’re working with Origin to expand it.”


“Yes, we are working on more extensive privacy options.”


“Yes, we’re working on storing the server browser filter so it doesn’t get reset.”



“No, we don’t have plans for a Windows Phone or Blackberry 10 version of the Battlelog mobile app.”

Great news for Android users and those who’ve been having issues with privacy, though no timeframe as to when these improvements might be implemented was given.

That’s about all the team had to say thus far. We’ll be sure to update with anything else we might learn.

What other sort of improvements would you like to see made to the Battlelog? Let us know in the comments!

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