League of Legends Patch Adds New Champion, Game Mode & More

Leauge of Legend‘s update 7.23 adds new Champion Zoe to the game, as well as a new game mode, and more.

Here’s Zoe’s character description:

Don’t be fooled by her childish appearance—Zoe is an ancient being, a cosmic messenger of Targon. When the Aspect of Twilight appears, she warps reality. Despite all this power, she often shirks her duties in favor of blowing bubbles and playing tricks on unsuspecting mortals. One can never be sure of what she’s really aiming for… other than her own amusement.

The new Overcharge mode is a 3v3 “marksman-only deathmatch,” which the aim of the game being to destroy “charge bots” in an attempt to overcharge your team, issuing higher movement, increased invulnerability and additional points for killing champions.

For the full list of bug fixes, see below:

– Made several fixes to improve in-game FPS and performance, especially in games lasting longer than 35 minutes

– Made several fixes for issues that occurred if players left their client open for extremely long periods of time

– “Center Camera on Champion” now always puts your champion in the center of your screen, rather than doing nothing in Locked Camera mode or placing your champion at the last camera offset position in Semi-Locked Camera mode

– Emotes now work in custom games!

– Fixed a bug where Baron Nashor could spawn before Rift Herald returned to the Void

– Tooltips for all boot items have been fixed

– The Bandit passive on Ancient Coin, Spellthiefs Edge, Relic Shield, and their upgrades no longer incorrectly grants gold for nearby minion deaths while you’re dead

– The first ring of Nautilus’s E – Riptide now properly slows enemies hit

– Dr. Mundo’s Q – Infected Cleaver now refunds the proper health amount when it kills an enemy

– Champion-created units with ward-style health (ex. Gangplank’s E – Powder Keg) can now properly be attacked by Xayah while Passive – Clean Cuts is active, as well as by Azir’s soldiers

– Thresh’s Q – Death Sentence chain once again disappears if he hits a spell shielded unit

– Fixed a bug with Lulu, Sona, and Ryze where multiple instances of the same shielding effect were stacking, rather than refreshing. (This bug mostly occurred at high levels of CDR.)

– Fixed a bug where basic attacks empowered by Blitzcrank’s E – Power Fist or Vi’s E – Excessive Force were fizzling if the buffs expired mid-attack. The empowered attacks now properly complete.

– Re-fixed a series of bugs where some channeled effects were interrupted through spell shields by hard crowd control

– Fixed a bug where if Ryze’s target died during the cast time of W – Rune Prison or E – Spell Flux, he wouldn’t get the cooldown reset effect of Q – Overload

– The Death Sworn and Omega Squad ward skins have been sized up to match other wards

– Lancer Rogue and Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank’s dance SFX are now synced with the animations

– Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank’s recall SFX are no longer too quiet

– Red beam VFX for Battlecast Vel’Koz’s R – Life Form Disintegration Ray are no longer missing

– Victorious Graves’ Q – End of the Line no longer uses classic VFX

– Giant Enemy Crabgot no longer steals ground VFX from Battlecast Urgot when casting R – Fear Beyond Death

– Battlecast Urgot chromas textures are now affected by character quality settings

– Moving the camera away from Warring Kingdoms Nidalee and back onto her during Q – Javelin Toss no longer causes the javelin to disappear

– Full Metal Jayce once again uses proper E – Thundering Blow VFX, as opposed to classic

– Program Lissandra’s W – Ring of Frost no longer breaks when used on a dashing champion

– On-hit VFX have been restored for High Noon and PROJECT: Yasuo

– Mantra’d R – Soulflare VFX are no longer cut off on elevated terrain for Conqueror and Winter Wonder Karma

– Ring VFX during PROJECT: Yi’s taunt no longer disappear when moving the camera away and back

– PROJECT: Ashe’s digital screen VFX no longer disappear when moving the camera away and back during her recall animation

– Arcade Ahri’s W – Fox Fire VFX no longer render under various map objects

– Astronautilus’ shiny visor VFX no longer disappear when moving the camera away and back

– Blood Moon Yasuo’s crescent moon VFX no longer disappear when moving the camera away and back

– The chair in Heartseeker Ashe’s recall no longer rotates at the end of the animation

– Dark Star Thresh is no longer missing his VO when collecting souls
SKT, Sewn Chaos and TPA Orianna are no longer missing SFX during their taunt animations

– Cutthroat Graves’ left hand no longer clips through his weapon during several animations

– Kog’Maw’s R – Living Artillery warning indicator VFX can once again be seen from self/ally view in Medium, Low, and Very Low graphics settings

– Mecha Rengar’s Passive – Unseen Predator VO for the first and second stack of Bonetooth Necklace have been restored

For further details on patch 7.23, click here for a long, long list of notes.

Will you be playing as Zoe? Let us know below.

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Source: League of Legends

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