Marvel’s Avengers Custom Characters “On The Table,” No Gameplay Behind a Paywall

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It would appear that Marvel’s Avengers custom characters may actually happen, as a Crysal Dynamics developer has confirmed that it is still very much “on the table” as of right now.

Speaking to GameSpot, Crystal Dynamic’s Studio Head Scot Amos, talked about how the team is pulling from the 80 years of Marvel Comic history.  Among those questions were many pertaining to was post-launch support, including reiterating that future heroes would be free. While that was already confirmed, Scot did clarify that this does extend out to the gameplay in general, as they don’t want to have anything related to gameplay behind a paywall.

We’ve been very transparent about there being outfits you can only earn in-game and outfits you can only buy from the marketplace. That’s okay, if you want to invest into that particular lifestyle in a deep way. People buy Hulk T-shirts right now. You can buy outfits on our marketplace, but there’s tons of them you can earn simply by doing missions in the game. So that’s our path of looking at it, saying there’s no paywalls for gameplay. There’s never going to be an, “I can’t actually get this hero because I have to go do some other transactions.” We want the heroes to be like the Avengers.

And we couldn’t agree more on this statement, as the amount of microtransactions that tend to hide gameplay components in them have certainly grown over the past few years.

Continuing on with the interview and the discussion of heroes, Scot was then asked about the possibility of being able to create some Avengers game custom characters. Scot simply replied with “It is not off the table. I’ll put it that way.”

This is neither a solid confirmation that it will be in the game at launch, though from that statement we can in the very least assume that they are playing around with the idea of it being an option. This could be a fun feature for cooperative play, though we can understand why some may not want it for the main campaign.

In other Marvel’s Avengers news, a new trailer was released yesterday confirming that Ms. Marvel will be part of the roster. We also got a screenshot confirming that power levels will be based on armor stats.

Marvel’s Avengers launches May 15, 2020 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.