Marvel’s Avengers Won’t Feature Local Co-Op, Here’s a Look at Every Character Finisher and Costume

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While Marvel’s Avengers will feature four-player multiplayer, don’t expect any offline co-op to be available at all.

In a presentation at the New York Comic-Con, Crystal Dynamics Head of Studio Scot Amos confirmed that there will be no Avengers game local co-op feature. While that might be bad news for most, here’s some good stuff for the day: check out this three-minute video showcasing the character finishers and costumes!

I hope there’s more finishers in the game, as what we’ve seen might get old after doing it a doze or so times.

In other Marvel’s Avengers news, Crystal Dynamics has not said no to custom characters being available in the game. Don’t forget to check out the list of contents available in the Collector’s Edition, as well as the latest gameplay trailer confirming Ms. Marvel’s inclusion in the roster.

Marvel’s Avengers will be out this May 15, 2020 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: BleedingCool, IGN