Marvel’s Avengers Protagonist Confirmed to Be Ms. Marvel, Will Receive Enhancements on PS5 Confirmed

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Just a few weeks ago, Crystal Dynamics revealed and gave us our first look at Kamala Khan, or more popularly known as Ms. Marvel. It seems Ms. Marvel isn’t just a sidekick or an extra character that you’ll be able to control, as she’ll be the main Marvel’s Avengers game protagonist!

This was revealed by Crystal Dynamics over at EGX (Eurogamer Expo) in a video interview with HipHop Gamer. Here’s what Crystal Dynamics’ Hanah Macleod had to say about it:

“She’s (Ms. Marvel) basically going to be the protagonist from the start. From a narrative side, it’s so great to have a character that’s already a big fan of these heroes, since that means all the players will be a fan; they’re all going to find themselves connected to the character because the whole reason they’re picking up these games is because they love these heroes.”

Video game insider Nibel has the gist of the rest of the nine-minute chat summarized:

There’s not going to be any playable villains, team moves are confirmed, which is good. Unfortunately, we don’t get any new gameplay to accompany this new info, but we’ll take what we can get.

In other Marvel’s Avengers news, Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that going through the main story of the game will take someone 10-12 hours to complete, though that’s not counting side missions and multiplayer. Check out this leaked screen too which confirms that the Inhumans will somehow be part of the game.