Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man Endgame Snap Outfit Out Tomorrow

Marvels Avengers Game Iron Man Endgame snap

It seems that Crystal Dynamics isn’t done with releasing more Endgame themed skins for Marvel’s Avengers, as they have revealed that Tony Stark, aka Iron Man is getting another Mark 85 variant, this time-based on the iconic snap itself. 

As revealed on Twitter, Marvel’s Avengers players will be able to visit the in-game marketplace tomorrow and be able to purchase the battle-damaged helmetless variation of Iron Man Mark 85 Endgame outfit. And that’s not all, as the suit also features the Infinity stones! Cosmetic only of course.

Oh snap (pun intended) that looks good! It’ll be available starting with tomorrow’s marketplace refresh for anyone interested. Speaking of new skins, it also seems like we may be getting some Summer beach themed skins for Marvel’s Avengers if the latest datamined is to be believed. Of course it’s not official yet, but seeing that it was included in the latest update, we’re likely to hear about them real soon. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any updates, otherwise you may enjoy some of the other recent stories to surface around the game down below. 

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