Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.08 September 24 Patch Released (Update)

Marvel's Avengers Update 1.10

While heroes just got a big Marvel’s Avengers game update last week, Crystal Dynamics has rolled out the Marvel’s Avengers update 1.08 September 24 patch, and it’s a small one that’s for fixes. Clocking in at just 500MB on PS4, head on below for the known fixes.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.08 September 24 patch notes:

Patch 1.3.1 addresses a handful of large issues, including a fix for players being unable to accept Faction Missions / Villain Sectors.

We recognize and apologize that this bug prevented players from being able to earn specific rare rewards, and as such, are granting the following to all players:

  • 250 Polychoron
  • 500 Uru

These rewards can be claimed from Thursday, September 24 at 10:00 AM PDT until Thursday, October 1 at 10:00 AM PDT. You must view one of your Challenge Cards to activate this reward.

Thank you for the continued feedback!

– The Crystal Dynamics Team

Marvel’s Avengers V1.3.1 Patch Notes

  • PlayStation 4: Live
  • Xbox One: 9:00 AM PDT 9/24
  • PC: 9/24 (Exact time TBD)
  • Stadia: 9/24 (Exact time TBD)


Various Reassemble Campaign & Avengers Initiative fixes, including:

  • Various Crash & Stability fixes
  • Fixed a rare issue when selecting “Once an Avenger” inadvertently sent the player to the wrong mission.
  • Fixed an issue keeping some mission chains from completing properly when all requirements are met. (Example: Reigning Supreme)


Various combat fixes/tuning, including:

  • Captain America can now smash through doors.*
  • Fixed an issue where overcharge meters were inappropriately decreasing during a team finisher.


  • Improved responsiveness when entering sprint flight from jumping as Iron Man.
  • Improved responsiveness for light air hammer attacks as Thor.
  • Improved reliability of Iron Man’s Thruster Uppercut.
  • Improved presentation of Captain America’s sprinting block.*
  • Tuned the SPIN Keeper’s standard attack, reduced heroic drain, and added an offscreen attack indicator.*

Tuning to Adept Drone, Synthoid, and Keeper:

  • Added new standard attack to Drone and Keeper.
  • Adjusted homing attack to happen less frequently.*
  • Adjusted homing projectile to be more balanced.*
  • Increased global cooldown for all quantum homing projectile attacks.*
  • Adjusted quantum shard projectiles so they are no longer unblockable.*


Various Gear, Challenges, & Reward fixes/tuning including:

  • Addressed an issue where refreshing a missing weekly mission would result in a crash. Weekly missions should now appear as intended. We’ve temporarily disabled refreshing incomplete challenges; full functionality will be restored in the next update.
  • Addressed an issue where Villain Sectors would not properly refresh, which caused players to miss out on weekly rewards.
  • Fixed additional issues that prevented daily requisitions from clearing as intended.
  • Granted players the Iconic Iron Man outfit if they lost it due to an outfit bug.
  • Fixed a broken Legendary reward that was incorrectly set to Power Level 1.
  • Addressed issues with how the Insurmountable perk was being applied to gear drops.
  • Fixed an issue where some users would not be granted any rewards upon completing an Elite Heroic Hive run.
  • Guarded against a specific scenario that caused Kamala to lose a skill point. We are still investigating retroactive fixes.
  • Adjusted loot tables in Mega Hives to increase the chances additional loot will be awarded.*

PC Specific Fixes:

  • Addressed a rare bug that results in a player’s Hero Level being reset, usually following a multiplayer connection issue.

Xbox Specific Fixes:

  • Addressed a rare bug that results in a player’s Hero Level being reset, usually following a multiplayer connection issue.

Crystal Dynamics hasn’t released the official notes just yet, but the game’s subreddit has the following fixes listed by the community:

  • Daily Missions fixed (Needs further verification)
  • Villain Sectors available (Trophy tied to this seems to have been fixed for some). Some users are still reporting that the daily are still marked as complete for them on the war table.
  • Users who had some of their weeklies dissappear on characters have reported that they are now showing up properly. This was also tied to a crash that was occurring due to the issue.
  • Iconic costumes available once again for heroes
  • Captain America can now break cracked doors with ranged attacks (needs to be verified)
  • Captain America can now ram multiple enemies while running with his shield up:

Now, I can do this ALL DAY ~~~ from PlayAvengers

Given the patch’s size, we’re not expecting a ton of changes to be made, but we’d love to be proven wrong. We’re on the lookout for the official patch and will update the post once we have them. If you notice any gameplay-related fixes, let us know down in the comments.

In the meantime, go check out some of the known issues the game has, and the workarounds that are tied to each.

Again, don’t forget to wait for the official notes, as we’ll update the post once Crystal Dynamics releases ’em which should be sometime soon. 

Update: We’ve posted the official patch notes via game’s official site.

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