Medal of Honor Disc Required to Play BF3 Beta Early + More Squad Details

IMPORTANT UPDATE: DICE has contacted us directly to let us know that there was, in fact, a mistake on their end. From their @Battlefield account, they tweeted:

@mpfirst Sorry for the confusion, the MoH disc will NOT be needed for the closed beta. ^WS


You can view the tweet here. What exactly we do need to enter the beta early is still not yet %100 clarified. We will make sure to keep you updated.


Warning: this article could be unpleasant news for some Battlefield 3 beta enthusiasts. In a recent tweet from Battlefield, it has been revealed that you will indeed need the Medal of Honor disc if you wish to gain early access to the Battlefield 3 beta.

The conversation reads as follows:


@Battlefield, I bought MOH: LE for the 360. How exactly will I access the Battlefield 3 Beta early? Will I need the MOH disc?


@CodyReed, Yes you will need the disc, you will have to play it off of there ^CT

On a good note, they have yet to announce the beta start date and by the looks of it, you have yourself at least a week or perhaps two to re-purchase Medal of Honor before time is up. The manufacturer’s suggested current price of MoH is $19.99USD.

Check out some more information regarding the BF3 beta:

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BF3 – Beta YouTube Footage Allowed + Info On Flak Jacket Spec

Are you upset that DICE wasn’t clear from the get-go whether or not we would need to keep our MoH for early access? Let us know in the comments!

In other news, Alan Kertz, aka Demize99 has revealed some specifics regarding squads in Battlefield 3.

It was brought to his attention that there is some concern regarding “spawn spamming”. The situation in question is: if each squad member carries a radio beacon, could the squad leader (who has the ability to spawn on any of his squad mates) have a total of six spawn options (three squad members plus three radio beacons)? Kertz answered, “The beacon replaces the squad mate in the spawn menu,” putting this concern to rest.

Remember that squad mates only have the ability to either spawn on their leader or another beacon.

Kertz was also asked to clarify exactly how many attachments and specializations a soldier could carry at one time. He replied, “3 attachments, 1 spec. 4 specs for high level squad members sharing specs. Teamplay FTW!

The Battlefield series has always been a rewarding experience for team players and it seems DICE is finding ways to improve upon this. Speaking of teamplay, how do you support your team in Battlefield? Let us know!

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27 thoughts on “Medal of Honor Disc Required to Play BF3 Beta Early + More Squad Details

  1. Oh dear.

    That’s bad news considering I traded that garbage in about 3 weeks after release due to the fact Dice gave us a stupidly small amount of maps and never bothered patching it to fix the snipers that were running rampant.

    1. I was really close to selling it. But, in the back of my mind, I thought that I might kick myself in the ass if DICE all of a sudden said I would need it for the beta.

      Sorry to hear that man 🙁

      1. Yeah. Last year I thought I might get a few weeks extra . . . feel kind of extra special. . .but I think MoH owners only get 2 days early so it’s not that bad haha.

  2. This is BS,
    this is the first time im gonna say this to DICE……..FUCK YOU

    sorry david, but im been supporting DICE since Battlefield PC early days and now they bring this.

    Im must purchase Medal of Honor to play BF3??? Thats some BS

    sorry man

    1. I hear ya man. Just want to make sure it’s clear that you only need the MoH Limited Edition disk to gain EARLY access to the beta. The beta itself is still open to EVERYONE, two days after the MoH guys get to start playing it. Hopefully that is what you understood. Maybe things aren’t as bad as you thought? 🙂

      1. wait david are you saying that you only need the disc to play it early and everyone else doesnt need the disc to play the beta later?

        1. Yes! 🙂 The open beta will be available to download on XBL, PSN, and Origins (not %100 sure exactly how they will go about general access) after the MoH have had their two days. Those guys need the disk in order to have those two extra days.

          Hope that clears it up!

          1. oh sweet i cant wait im only 3 levels away from leveling up to 50 on battlefield bad company 2 once the beta comes out ill be on that instead i dont think ill ever make it to 50 on it once i get bf3

  3. juanito
    September 14, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    This is BS,
    this is the first time im gonna say this to DICE……..FUCK YOU

    No FUCK YOU ! juanito How about u do D.I.C.E the favor and not play the game at all. You should be thankful that Dice is even having a public beta. I’ve been a Battlefield fan from the jump and I know the game will be good without a beta.

  4. We just got screwed more than one way by buying MoH.

    – What happened to EXCLUSIVE beta access? I don’t call “48 hrs early access” exclusive.
    – MoH itself was horrible.
    – I bought MoH on Xbox. But I want to play the “beta” (read demo) on PC. So now what?
    – I also pre-ordered BF3 which also gives you beta acces. So why did I pay €60 for MoH?
    – Lucky for me I still have MoH, otherwise I would have felt even more ripped off.

    I’ve been a fan since 1942 and I’m real excited for BF3 but I really don’t give a crap about the beta anymore. They told us when the Alpha was “released” that veteran status would be the main criteria. I own all Battlefield titles, expansions, DLC on Xbox and PC. Some even double but I didn’t get in the Alpha. I never got any email about being eligible for the beta although a lot of people got that mail. The time between the beta and the retail is so little that you just get an unfinished version of the retail to keep us occupied. I might as well wait those 4 weeks for the retail and play GOW3 and Forza 4.

    They made a good start but they are keeping us in the dark to much and the slow trickle of footage doesn’t help. You just have enough time to “forget” about BF3 before they release some more footage.

    1. “EXCLUSIVE access”?
      Where does it say so? On my MoH TIER 1 EDITION it says

      Limited time offer. See back for details.”

      Back (original shouting in all caps):
      “Beta offer is contingent on beta availability within 12 months of Medal of Honor release.
      Beta preparation requires EA account, game registration with online pass serial code and
      acceptance of beta agreement. Beta will be available for a limited time only and offer expires
      upon close of beta events, must be 18+. Visit for details including availability”

      I see no mention on EXCLUSIVE beta access…

      Footnote: MoH was released October 12, 2010 according to Wikipedia.

  5. I dont feel rewarded for being a loyal fan and supporting DICE but I actually feel screwed over for being tricked into buying MoH.

  6. I played the CLOSED MoH beta in summer 2010 and loved it. Filled with glitches & other problems but still it was awesome. The retail mp months later was actually worse, not only because snipers were overpowered but also cus ALL of the very few maps were made pretty much so that you couldn’t get to the snipers on the other side, the only way to fight them was countersnipe, which I thought was queer.

    I kept the disc cus I did play the MP a lot and actually couple weeks ago was gonna sell it on ebay. Then I thought I might need the disc for the beta so I kept it and THANK God. But it’s stupid, I thought MoH buyers would get an exclusive beta in summer or something and open beta right b4 game cameout.

    EA is smart though to do this, bet it will sell a couple hundred maybe in the thousands more copies, although I would be able to wait 2 lousy days.

    Sorry if theres spelling mistakes, on my phone.

  7. “Customers who purchased Medal of Honor on Steam on or before July 26th, 2011 will receive early access to the Battlefield 3 beta when the beta goes live. We will have details soon regarding how Steam customers will access the beta.”


    no disc required

      1. i wasn’t sure if it would cuz EA and Steam are kind if going at it right now since EA games are vanishing from Steam. I went thru my junk email account and found a invitation to the Alpha…../facepalm /headbash…never used.

        also just found my beta notice…


  8. I really don’t think 48 hours is all that ‘exclusive’. Then again, how else could they trick people into buying Modern Warfare 2.5?

  9. I bought MOH Tier 1 on launch, played it, hated it, returned it for a refund.

    Re-bought MOH Tier 1 for $20 AUD a month ago. Now I’m ready for the BETA.

  10. Well this is not what I expected. I dont agree with this concept of needing the disc to play it. Wtf is up with that? I will wait for public beta cause I’m not gonna spend 20 dollars to play the beta when I can wait a few days and have it for free.

  11. I was going to buy MoH but it got bad reviews. I later bought BFBC2, which I still play. Good article,also I was wondering could you ask Dice will they have playstationmove support patched in later. I’ve still haven’t gotten a response from them. Thank

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