Modern Warfare Crossbow Challenges Are Bugged

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One of the biggest additions included in yesterday’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch was the introduction of the new crossbow weapon! Unfortunately though, multiple gamers have chimed in that the Modern Warfare crossbow challenges are not tracking properly.

Over on Reddit, people are reporting that their challenges are stuck and not tracking.

Crossbow challenge is already broken. from modernwarfare

Other players have tried different scopes with it to no avail, as it’s still bugged.

Unfortunately, this Modern Warfare crossbow challenges bug is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues concerning yesterday’s patch. Not only are players encountering stat reset issues, but there’s even a download loop that’s really infuriating to deal with.

Have you encountered this crossbow issue? And more importantly, have you found a fix? If so, share ’em down in the comments to help the other players out.

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