Modern Warfare Playlist Update Rolled Out

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While it might be late (or early) for some, it seems this hasn’t stopped Infinity Ward from releasing a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare playlist update. This is a server-side update, and as such, no download is required.

So, what’s in this Modern Warfare playlist update? It seems Infinity Ward has added Trios in Call of Duty: Warzone and that’s it — at least from what we can see. On the multiplayer front, Deathmatch Domination is still there, as well as the Season 3 Moshpit playlists. And for those wondering, nope, Shipment, Rust or Shoot House playlists haven’t been brought back.

We’re not sure just yet if this server-side update included any gameplay changes or fixes, which the studio has done from time to time. Speaking of changes, we ran a post listing down all the stealth changes (read: undocumented) Infinity Ward included in the latest patch (update 1.19), which you might want to read about here.

Same as always, if you spot any changes included in this update that’s not officially announced, let us know down in the comments.

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