Modern Warfare Update 1.19 Stealth Changes Listed

modern warfare june 10 patch notes

Just yesterday, Infinity Ward released a big patch (update 1.19) for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that introduced Season 3 and a bunch of new content, as well as a host of gameplay changes too. Well, same as before, there’s a bunch of Modern Warfare update 1.19 stealth changes included that’s not mentioned in the patch notes.

Thanks to YouTuber Xclusive Ace, here are a bunch of stuff confirmed (via testing) to have been been changed by Infinity Ward but aren’t mentioned in the patch notes at all — both for multiplayer and Warzone. We’ve also included a bunch of stuff that got debunked or those that felt like they were changed, but proof shows they weren’t.

Modern Warfare update 1.19 stealth changes:


  • High Alert perk got buffed now tells you where enemy is looking at you with the bright marking now glowing left, right, and back. This will work this way as long as the enemy doesn’t have the Cold-Blooded perk equipped.
  • Khandor Hideout map got a new route in the building that was previously sectioned off (middle building now has an alternate way to get inside).
  • Green diamonds indicating new stuff now has a “clear all” button.
  • MP4 and MP7 did NOT get nerfed (same values across the board).

Call of Duty: Warzone:

  • RPG got nerfed against vehicles or vehicles got more health (no more one-hit kill via RPGS)
  • M4 and MP7 might have been nerfed in Warzone, as there’s no private games, no way to test accurately.
  • FMJ still not dealing armor and health damage simultaenously as some thinks it did post-patch.
  • Ghost still won’t conter Heartbeat Sensor in Warzone, contrary to what other people think.

Basically, that’s it. This is a relatively short list compared to past patches, but it’s still annoying that it’s happening.

If you spot any or felt any changes not mentioned above, send it our way via email or down in the comments to let us know.

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