Modern Warfare Playlist Update Tweaks Cabin Fever Playlist & Adds It to Hardcore

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Just yesterday, Infinity Ward did everyone who craved shoot outs a solid as it introduced the Cabin Fever playlist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This Modern Warfare playlist update lumped Rust, Shipment, Hackney Yard, Gun Runner, and Shoot House into its own playlist.

Unfortunately, a bug within the playlist itself made it so that the Shipment and Rust maps didn’t come up as intended (or at all). Well, that’s now been fixed. Today, Infinity Ward released a new Modern Warfare playlist update that fixes that, and adds the Cabin Fever playlist into the Hardcore filter!

We’re rolling out a playlist update that helps you find more Shipment and Rust matches in the Cabin Fever playlist. We’ve also added this playlist to the Hardcore filter!

As far as we’re aware, there are no gameplay changes included in this server-side update, which is to be expected, as we just saw the release of the 1.18 patch yesterday. And speaking of that patch, data-mined info from it reveals the two new maps and new weapons are set to come in Modern Warfare’s Season 3. We should hopefully be hearing about the new season real soon.

If there are any additional changes spotted in the playlist update, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. Otherwise, enjoy the chaotic mayhem that Rust and Shipment have to offer!

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