Modern Warfare PS4 Exclusive Challenges Confirmed, NVG Maps Being Pulled From Rotation

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Depending where you are in the world, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is already playable. Having said that, it seems that PS4 owners are getting more stuff exclusive to the platform aside from Spec Ops’ Survival mode. Apparently, there are also Modern Warfare PS4 exclusive challenges, too!

Over on Reddit, user nicklax31 posted a screenshot of a PS4 exclusive challenge that rewards a cosmetic item upon completion.

For now, we don’t know just how many Modern Warfare PS4 exclusive challenges there are, but let’s hope there’s not too many. I mean, I know these are cosmetics only, but even so, it’s sure to bum some people out.

Also of note, while the game isn’t fully playable by everyone, Infinity Ward is already making playlist changes. Over on Twitter, Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot announced that NVG (night vision googles) maps are getting pulled from the normal rotation, and will be in its own specific playlist in the future!

NVG maps are getting pulled from normal rotation and will be in specific playlists in the future! We’re keeping an eye on how it feels to be in a matchmaking pool which supports 6v6 and 10v10.

I gather, this is being done due to gamer feedback, which hasn’t been good so far since some people do prefer to play multiplayer “normally.”

Stay tuned to our Modern Warfare review, which will hit the site sometime after launch, given we want to review the game in real-world conditions.

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