Modern Warfare Server Update Deployed for March 30

modern warfare update 1.21 stealth changes

Infinty Ward has rolled out a server-side Call of Duty: Modern Warfare server update, and it’s live now. It’s not a playlist update, nor does it do anything to the game’s meta. What it does is fix an issue with the new map, Khandor Hideout.

A patch has just been released across platforms that fixes an area on Khandor Hideout where there was a missing door. #ModernWarfare

For those unaware, there’s a bugged door in the map that can’t be accessed, though it looked like players can. It’s now blocked with some crates, which should prevent people from trying to run through it.

In case you didn’t see it, a new playlist was rolled out by Infinity Ward a few days ago that grouped some of the most played maps of the game in one playlist.

For those that didn’t catch the big update released last week, there’s not only a lot of fixes, but a ton of stuff got leaked which included content coming for Season 3, such as the maps and weapons.

If we spot any stealth changes or fixes made once again, we’ll be sure to let our readers know. If you spot any, feel free to leave a comment to let everyone know.

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