Monster Hunter World Character Creation Reset Option Might Be Added If Enough Fans Want It

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If you’re one of the millions playing Monster Hunter World, chances are you’ve created a character from scratch to be your avatar in the game’s lush, living world.

Well, what if, after hours of game time, you suddenly don’t feel like your character is the perfect embodiment of you? Sure, you can choose to have your helmet up for the entire time you’re playing but even so, what if you could do a Monster Hunter World character creation reset for your current character? It seems the folks at Capcom are considering it! This was revealed in a recent interview with Game Watch Impress at the Taipei Game Show 2018.

Game Watch Impress: About the character creator, while we can go into exceptionally high details for creating characters this time, the faces ended up looking a little different than expected. Are there any ways to redo it?

Ryozo Tsujimoto, Producer: You can’t redo it, but when making a character you can check their expressions, so you might want to do that first while making a character. However, if there’s enough demand for it then I’ll put it under consideration.

Yuya Tokuda, Director: You can change the lighting on the bottom-left. Using that, not only see what it’s like during the daytime, but you can also check the expressions and such for night. I think if you use that while making it, it might not be as off.

This is definitely a nice addition to have in the future. Bear in mind though, the studio has already promised us new free monsters post-launch, so the slaying won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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Source: Game Watch Impress via SiliconEra