Monster Hunter World Enraged Monsters Guide

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Sure, Monster Hunter World might be more than a month old by now, but that doesn’t mean everything is already known about it. If you ever wanted to know when a monster is “enraged,” then this quick Monster Hunter World enraged monsters guide should do the trick!

For those not familiar with enraged monsters in Monster Hunter World, it’s when a monster goes berserk and usually deals more damage, and does different kinds of attacks. However, some skills get triggered when this happens, and some weapon and armor abilities are part of that too.

Thanks to Reddit user Prohibitive_Mind, here’s a quick guide on knowing when a monster is enraged in Monster Hunter World. Note that this doesn’t include Elder Dragons, which we’ll add at a later date.

Great Jagras: Any time it eats and its stomach expands. Hit it in the stomach from the front or when it’s prone to get it to throw up.

Kulu Ya-Ku: Any time it digs up a rock. Shoot it with a slinger to eventually get it to drop the rock.

Pukei-Pukei: Pukei’s neck and wing feathers flare up, and the tips fade from blue to red. Pukei’s face also turns bright red-orange, and depending on the area you fight it in, its neck pouch will expand (only after eating scatternuts).

Tobi-Kadachi: Whenever it enters a “charged” state with static electricity and the fur on its body puffs up. Use puddle-pods (watermoss) to short out its fur. It will also drop a shiny.

Anjanath: Both its faux wings and nose crest flare up after roaring. Its throat will also begin to glow red. Hitting it in the neck enough times will topple it, prematurely kicking it out of its enraged state and making it drop a shiny.

Rathian and Rathalos: The Raths will begin to passively breathe fire, even when not attacking. Attacking their heads enough while in the enraged state will cause them to fire “blanks” when they attempt to shoot fireballs for a short time once they leave their enraged state.

Barroth: Barroth’s nose (on the top of its head) will start to puff out steam. Breaking Barroth’s crown (blunt damage only) will reward you a free carve and prevent it from becoming enraged again.

Jyuratados: Does not have an enrage state.

Diablos: It will start to huff and breathe steam, and will be more prone to using the wind-up charge attack. In previous titles, Screamer Pods were useless against it in this state, but not anymore.

Tzitzi Ya-Ku: Does not have an enrage state.

Paolumu: It enters its enrage state by puffing up its neck. It can be prematurely forced out of its enraged state by mounting it, damaging the neck enough, or doing anything that knocks it out of the air.

Legiana: Ice begins to coat the underside of its body, and it becomes EXTREMELY aggressive with ice attacks. Fire-based weapons and torch pods focused on its underside kick it out of this state prematurely.

Great Girros: Does not have an enrage state.

Odogaron: Only enters the enrage state after eating or a VERY long fight. Odogaron’s eyes will begin to glow brighter, its body will glow red from the inside, and its entire body will begin to let off steam. During its enrage state it throws out attacks faster, and instead of attacking in chains of 3 it attacks in chains of 4.

Radobaan and Uragaan: Enrage states are hard to notice. Will only do the sleep-attack/fire-attack when enraged.

Dodogama: Any time after it eats stone/crystal. Its mouth and chin will begin to glow orange-red and becomes more aggressive with explosive attacks.

Lavasioth: Hard to notice. Will use its super-fireball ONLY when enraged.

Bazelgeuse: The explosive scales on its neck and tail will prime and begin to glow orange-hot, and the gaps between its normal scales will begin to glow as well. It will consistently drop scales while its in this state, and any scales dropped will explode within 2-3 seconds of hitting the ground.

Deviljho: Its back, shoulder, and neck muscles swell up considerably, and it begins to glow from the inside out. Signified by a roar, in which the camera will back out to focus on Deviljho. Its attacks are more vicious, and it can use dragonbreath to inflict dragonblight. If in a pitfall trap when enraged, it will use dragonbreath. Deviljho drops dragon pods, which will cut Deviljho’s enrage state shorter. Whenever Deviljho leaves enrage state, it becomes exhausted.

Other quick tips to know when a monster is enraged are: monster icon on the map will turn red, monster heartbeat sensor flashes orange.

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