Monster Hunter World Decorations Save Scum Exploit Guide

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If you’re already at the end-game portion of Monster Hunter World, chances are you’re hard at work grinding to find the ideal Monster Hunter World Decorations to complete your build.

While (almost) every tempered investigation will give you a random feystone upon completion, the chances of getting rarity 7 or rarity 8 Decorations are staggeringly low in the game. It’s so low that people have discovered a way around it called “save scumming.” We’ve known about save scumming for quite some time, but was conflicted whether to “report” on it or post a quick guide since it’s bordering on cheating.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, the short version is: you’re exploiting the PlayStation 4’s online cloud saves to constantly meld Decorations at the Elder Melder’s First Wyverian Ritual. If you’re against that sort of thing, look away. But if you’re really, really desperate to get those Decorations you so want, then read on.

How to Do Monster Hunter World Decorations Save Scum

  • It’s not as easy as it seems, but it’s not hard, either. There’s just a lot of patience needed.
  • First things first: upload your current Monster Hunter World game and/or save your game save data on a USB. Got that? Good. Now we’ll go over it step by step.
  • Upload your Monster Hunter World game save data to the PSN’s online cloud storage or save via USB (or do both)
  • Once done, go to the Elder Melder
  • Do the First Wyverian Ritual Strange Stream (third option, most expensive one)
  • Use any Decorations since you won’t be saving any progress you make here, but melding to see the results
  • Write down the melding results and in what order the feystones appear in sets of three. Say you melded a Dragon Decoration, Vitality Decoration and a Defense Decoration, that’s one “set.” If you don’t see anything you want in the set, do another Strange Stream meld and count the sets and order of the Decorations that show up. Once you’ve managed to spot or meld a Decoration that you want (don’t forget to write everything down!), we’re ready to start exploiting!
  • Upload your previous saved game
  • Count what set the Decoration you want showed up (this is super important), and in what order since the melding is pre-determined and we’ll be targeting the Decoration you want, and in the same order
  • Say your chosen Decoration showed up in the third set, and the second stone (from left to right) that got melded, what you need to do is do a mission to “bypass” the first set. Each mission is tied to a set, and the order and kind the Decorations are melded
  • If the chosen Decoration is in the third set, go do two missions (anything counts, even low rank ones), and after those are completed/done, go to the Elder Melder
  • You’re now going to initiate the First Wyverian Ritual Strange Stream!
  • Check the order of the Decoration you want. If it’s the second one, then just put in enough Decorations to fill it until it reaches the second slot
  • Meld and voila!
  • Repeat as necessary using the same method above

Is it worth it?

You bet your ass it is! However, it is an exploit so Capcom might patch it out at some point. Even if they don’t, you might feel icky for doing it.

If you’ve been melding countless Decorations, and have gotten nothing, then this might be your best hope in getting what you really want/need.

I can’t follow the instructions via text, and want it in video form

Lucky you. YouTuber It Might Be Gaming has uploaded a tutorial that’s kind of long, but it shows the steps needed to do the save scum! Watch it below.

We have more (less exploitative) Monster Hunter World guides which you can check out here! What do you want to see from MP1st in terms of Monster Hunter World guides? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get to it.

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