Monster Hunter World Weekly Reset for February 23, 2018 Listed

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For Monster Hunter World players, you’ll want to log in and check the quest log and the Research Center as the Monster Hunter World weekly reset is now live! Prepare for new rewards, the weekly Gold Wyverian Print that should come in handy to trade for a gem at the Elder Melder.

Thanks to Reddit’s hunter_handler, the Monster Hunter weekly reset list below includes the weekly events, weekly challenges and the limited bounties!

Quest NameLocaleRequirementsObjectiveSpecial Rewards
The Proving*Ancient ForestHR 11 or higherHunt an Ajanath
Ya-Ku With That?Special ArenaHR 6 or higherHunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku and Tzitzi-Ya-Ku
The Poison PosseAncient ForestHR 8 or higherHunt a Pukei-Pukei, Rathian, and Rathalos
Wildspire BoleroWildspire WasteHR 13 or higherHunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku, Barroth, Jyuratodus, Rathian, and DiablosHigh chance for miniature and giant crowns
Snow & Cherry BlossomsCoral HighlandsHR 30 or higherHunt a tempered Legiana and Pink RathianIncreased HR Experience

*PS4 only
 Available UTC: 2/28 00:00 – 3/15 23:59

Weekly Challenges

Quest NameLocaleRequirementsObjectiveSpecial Rewards
Down the Dark, Muddy Path*ArenaHR 3 or higherSlay a Barroth
Challenge Quest 1: IntermediateArenaHR 13 or higherSlay a Rathalos and Tzitzi-Ya-Ku

*PS4 only
 Available for early access to anyone with Street Fighter V or Street Fighter V; Arcade Edition PS4 save data.

Limited Bounties

Ecology Survey: Hunt Bird WyvernHunt 3 specified monstersResearch Points, 4 x Armor Sphere
Ecology Survey: Hunt AjanathHunt 4 specified monstersResearch Points, 2 x Armor Sphere+, First Wyverian Print
Ecology Survey: Tempered Monster HuntSlay 5 specified monstersResearch Points, 5 x Hard Armor Sphere, Silver Wyverian Print
General: Limited BountyComplete all limited bountiesResearch Points, Gold Wyverian Print, Golden Egg

Those who want to increase their Hunter Rank drastically, you can repeatedly do the Snow and Cherry Blossoms tempered quest since it gives a lot of HR XP. That said, don’t expect to see a lot of feystones to drop during the quests, though.

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