Monster Hunter World Tempered Quests How to Get Them and Here’s the Tempered Threat List

monster hunter world tempered threat

If you’re at the very end-game part of Monster Hunter World, chances are you’re farming for tempered monsters for the very best stuff. Unfortunately, once you’ve hit HR50, the game just throws you into the deep end of the Monster Hunter World tempered monsters pool without any direction on what to do next, where to go, and so on.

Fortunately for you, MP1st is here. Below are two videos that give players ways to snatch up some tempered Elder Dragon quests! First up is from YouTuber Mtashed who cites a Reddit user’s advice on not completing the HR49 quest in slaying a tempered Kirin. Instead of slaying that damn horse, it’s recommended that you farm the foosteps, electric fur, etc. first until you get new Investigations.

If you managed to finish the HR49 quest, or want something more natural, then YouTuber DuncanKneeDeep has you covered as well. Check out the video below where he gives a tour on where to farm tempered footprints and more in the Wildspire Waste.

Once you’ve gotten those, it’s now time to hunt! The Monster Hunter World tempered threat list below (via Raybunny)  lists which monsters fall into what threat level. Needless to say, the higher threat level the monster level is, the better the rewards. You want to slay the higher threat level ones but it’s easier said than done.

monster hunter world tempered threat level

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