Mother’s Day Gamer’s Gift Guide – Perfect Gifts for Your Geek Mom

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, and that means it’s time to get that special mother of yours a gift she’ll remember. Of course, you could always get her flowers and some some beautiful jewelry, but maybe she’s not that type of gal? Perhaps she’s someone who’s a gamer at heart, and thankfully we are here to help out with that with our special Mother’s Day gamer’s gift guide!

Mother’s Day Gamer’s Gift Guide:

Lavley Products – Geek out with their cool designs

If you’re looking for something “cheap”, but with some personality than might we suggest a product designed by Lavley? Offering a wide variety of products, from socks, to mugs, to kitchen aprons, and even stickers! Lavley unique designs are sure to bring a smile to anyone, and with how comfortable the material they use in their product feels, we are sure your mother will enjoy one of their many cutely designed socks. What more, they’re also running a Mother’s Day promotion!

A Coupon Puns – A Card Made for a Mother That Games

Looking for something maybe a bit personal? Than how about this Out of Control love card that caters to her gaming side! Or maybe you want something more in season? Well they got you covered with their selections of pun cards right here! Who doesn’t like a good pun?

EPOS Headsets

We’ve had quite a bit of hands-on review with the headsets offered by EPOS. Ranging from low to high-end budget, EPOS has a lot to offer when it comes to immersive gaming audio. They’re beautiful in designs, have the perfect comfortability, and frankly, are pretty unmatched when it comes to audio. A perfect gift to enhance someone’s life, and even more perfect for those who like late night gaming.  

SideTrak Portable Monitor – Perfect to Help Make Her Work Easier

We had the opportunity to review the SideTrak Portable Monitor recently, and let’s just say this is easily one of the must have hot items for anyone. Yes, it’s a bit on the pricier side of things, but it’s well worth it, especially for those who take their work on the go or just need a small monitor. 

Pixel Eyewear – Give Her the Gift of Vision

This is another product that we are in the process of reviewing, but just to give you a bit of a tease on our thoughts, let’s just say that these glasses are like no other. I gave my mother a pair of these and she absolutely loves them, as not only have they improved her vision, but no more does she feel prone to extensive eye strains and headaches due to the blue-light blocking technology. Plus, they look rather stylish and are moderately inexpensive. Great for reading, working, and just protecting your eyes from harmful lights. 

A PS5 or a Xbox Series X

Assuming you are lucky to find one and not planning on keeping it for yourself, a next-gen console is the perfect gift to give your geek of a mother. I mean is there anything more that needs to be said here? What is more perfect to give her than the unobtainable?

ROCCAT PC Peripherals

All right, maybe your moms a bit more elitist and prefers her gaming on PC. Well good thing for you, ROCCAT offers a huge line of affordable PC peripherals, all built for her (and everyone else) gaming needs. From mouse, to keyboards, to even headsets, ROCCAT has you covered! And maybe if she can be a bit patient you can even get her to latest mouse offering from them, the Kone Pro which releases May 18!

RTX Graphic Card – Up Her Game Even More!

The only other item on the list that is extremely hard to find. If your momma a big PC gamer and is looking to upgrade her build to something beefy, then perhaps a good place to start is with an all new graphic card. Give the experience of ultra high definition with ultra settings and full ray-tracing with the latest RTX graphic card from Nvidia! Who can hate a gift like this?

Her First PC Build – Spend Some Time With Her

This is definitely the pricier side of things, but what better gift than the one that is spent together. Yep, take the ultimate plunge and get her a do it yourself PC. Buy all the parts and build it yourself! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing something you built come to life! I recommend using PC Part Picker to help you select a good build and then share it with say the Reddit community for some thoughts if your unsure of what you are getting is any good. 

That’s all we have for you today, hopefully these recommendations help you pick the perfect gift for her. 

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