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Roughly 200GB Will Be Reserved for the Xbox Series X OS and System Files News 6

News 6 As with all devices with a dedicated operating system, the Xbox Series X OS will be taking quite a bit of space on the internal 1TB SSD. To be exact, the Xbox Series OS (and other system related files and operations) will be taking up 198GB of the internal 1TB SSD that ships with the […]

Xbox Series 1TB Expansion Card Price Revealed and They’re Not Cheap News 0

News 0 Soon to be Xbox Series owners looking to expand their storage space may be in a shock as the Xbox Series 1TB expansion card price has finally been revealed. Now available for pre-order at Best Buy, the Xbox Series 1TB expansion card will run a hefty price of $219.99 (£159). When stacked on the price […]

Xbox Boss Says Xbox Series X Games Aren’t Being Held Back by Xbox One News 0

News 0 With the Xbox Series X launching this year, Microsoft has pushed for the idea that next-gen games be playable on the current-gen Xbox One hardware. While some gamers might be happy with the idea of being able to play the newest titles on their current-gen platform, those who jump to the Xbox Series X might […]

EA Next-Gen Sizzle Reel Shows Projects From DICE, Bioware, and Other Studios News 1

News 1 As part of the EA Play show, EA showcased a short EA next-gen sizzle reel teasing what the publisher’s studios are doing. We get a brief look at BioWare’s project, and even what seems to be a super tiny next-gen sampling of DICE’s tech for the next Battlefield game where we can see massive battles […]