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Xbox Series 1TB Expansion Card Price Revealed and They’re Not Cheap News 0

News 0 Soon to be Xbox Series owners looking to expand their storage space may be in a shock as the Xbox Series 1TB expansion card price has finally been revealed. Now available for pre-order at Best Buy, the Xbox Series 1TB expansion card will run a hefty price of $219.99 (£159). When stacked on the price […]

Xbox Boss Says Xbox Series X Games Aren’t Being Held Back by Xbox One News 0

News 0 With the Xbox Series X launching this year, Microsoft has pushed for the idea that next-gen games be playable on the current-gen Xbox One hardware. While some gamers might be happy with the idea of being able to play the newest titles on their current-gen platform, those who jump to the Xbox Series X might […]

EA Next-Gen Sizzle Reel Shows Projects From DICE, Bioware, and Other Studios News 1

News 1 As part of the EA Play show, EA showcased a short EA next-gen sizzle reel teasing what the publisher’s studios are doing. We get a brief look at BioWare’s project, and even what seems to be a super tiny next-gen sampling of DICE’s tech for the next Battlefield game where we can see massive battles […]