New Anthem Video Talks About Story, Progression and Customization

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With Anthem’s VIP demo set to commence next week, EA seems to be hiking up the marketing, and what better way than to release a new video. In what’s called “This Is Anthem” gameplay series of videos, the first part talks about story, progression, and customization.

The six-minute Anthem video gives us a glimpse of the story, and how the Dominion wants to get the “Anthem of Life,” for their own nefarious plans. While that might be of interest to some, the highlight here is how we’re given a good look at how the Anthem customization works, and how deep the gameplay system is. Players can create different roles for each javelin, which is showcased to great effect in the video.

Stay tuned for BioWare’s official Anthem livestream happening later this afternoon. MP1st will have the livestream up once it’s about to start.

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