New PS5 Models That Are Lighter Launched by Sony in Select Regions

New PS5 Models

New PS5 models have reportedly made their way to Australia. The new models are dubbed CFI-1202B for the digital PS5 version and CFI-1202A for the disc version, and both are apparently much lighter in weight.

The CFI-1202B digital PS5 is now 200 grams lighter, moving from 3.9kg at launch, to 3.6kg in 2021, and now to 3.4kg in 2022. On the other hand, the CFI-1202A disc PS5 is now 300 grams lighter, moving from 4.5kg at launch, to 4.2kg in 2021, and now 3.9kg in 2022.

As of right now, it remains unclear what changes Sony has made to both PS5 disc and digital versions to make them lighter. However, it seems remarkable that the PS5 disc version now weighs exactly as the digital version did at launch, 3.9kg.

New PS5 Disc Model
New PS5 Disc Specs

It is now expected that all upcoming PlayStation 5 console releases are going to adhere to the newly reported weights, except for the recent Horizon PS5 bundle.

It is worth noting that Sony has recently announced that all PlayStation 5 versions will see a price hike, outside of the United States. The company cited inflation and “global economic environment” as reasons behind the increase in price. However, Microsoft already confirmed that all Xbox consoles will maintain current pricing.

Source: Press Start Australia

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