New Twisted Metal Details – Matchmaking, Private Matches, Party System, and More

David Jaffe speaks out about various aspects of Twisted Metal multiplayer and confirms Kamikaze’s name change.

The game will support a party system that comes featured with party chat only. This means that when your playing a game you can have the option to either speak with just your party or with everyone in the game. The chat is on an open connection, meaning that you won’t have to select any buttons to talk to one another. There will be party chat features. So, if another member of your party is in another game, you can simply switch to party mode so that you can communicate with that person. Also, there will not be text chat besides the message board, which only hosts can leave messages on.

The game will feature a matchmaking mode along with a server list for both ranked and unranked games. Players who join matchmaking games will be matched with other players based on skills, and the re-balancing of games will also be based on skill levels. Ranked games can only be started when there are a minimum of 6 people in the lobby, and no team can have no more then one person more.If the host chooses to leave the game then it will automatically find another host without ending the game. Players will also be able to host private matches, though there will not be any ranked rooms or dedicated servers options as some players might be inclined to boost each others ranks.  There will be options to keep certain players out of your rooms such as a skill level or a password protected option.

If you guys haven’t noticed it yet, Kamikaze name has now been changed to Spectre. Many fans were wondering whether he would make it in the game or not, and it appears that he has now been named swapped with Kamikaze. So, the vehicle still looks Kamikaze, just a different name.

Twisted Metal is set to release February 14th in North America and February 17th in Europe. Be sure to read about the latest Twisted Metal News.

Sources: Q&A and Twitter

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