Next Battlefield V Patch Already at 7 Pages Long, New Trailer Dropping Next Week

battlefield 5 update today

While we just had a chunky Battlefield V patch just a few days ago, it seems DICE is already hard at work on the next Battlefield 5 patch, and it’s going to be quite a big one once again, it seems.

Over on Twitter, Producer Jaqub Ajmal revealed that the next Battlefield 5 patch is already at seven pages long!

That not enough to get you hyped? As part of the studio’s communication with the Battlefield V player base, DICE Community Manager Jeff Braddock also outlined what to expect next week in terms of Battlefield V news and announcements, and it includes a new mysterious trailer!

Sneak Peek into Next Week – Week of March 11th

  • Blogs
    • Battlefield V Quality of Life Tracker Update
    • Chapter 2 Event #5 Tips & Tricks
    • Behind Closed Doors – Criterion
  • Discussions – We’ll be hosting discussions on Reddit & the Forums to get your feedback.
    • Vehicles – One of the key distinctions of Battlefield from other FPS games is the vehicular warfare component. In Battlefield V, we have some iconic WW2 vehicles – planes, tanks, transports, towable AA cannons, and more. Let’s talk about the vehicles of Battlefield V – what’s great, what needs some tweaks, what’s the worst, and what’s missing.
  • Trailer
    • You’ll see.


Please note: This is an early schedule and items could shift or be moved out. We’ll have more details in our weekly This Week in Battlefield on Monday.

Q&A with DICE

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a Q&A done this week, but we’re pretty sure what a lot of those questions would be, considering some things we’ve seen on the ‘net this week. Trust us, we have a lot of Battlefield V: Firestorm information coming and we’ll be teaming up with our Criterion Devs to get some A’s for your Q’s.

This “you’ll see” trailer will most likely be about Battlefield V’s battle royale mode called Firestorm. If so, let’s hope this isn’t the same trailer leaked the other day since, well, we’ve already seen it. Hopefully, it’ll include lots of gameplay, details and more.

Speaking of which, go check out this info post regarding Firestorm based on the game’s datamined files.


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