Outriders Down on All Platforms, Even After Devs Announce It’s Fixed (Update #6)

outriders down

It’s never easy to launch an online-only game, and one of the annoyances there is, when servers conk out, gamers won’t be able to play their games. That seems to be the case with Outriders that just launched today. It seems Outriders down reports are coming from multiple people, and on multiple platforms.

Update #6 (4/2/2021): Outriders Current Server Status: Down as of April 2, 12:30 pm Central Time (see this post for more info).

We can confirm that we cannot connect to servers on the PS5 version, and this seems to be a different case to earlier, when servers were down as well. People Can Fly tweeted earlier that the game is “back online,” though this was more than an hour ago.

Over on Reddit, multiple people have reported that they cannot connect to the Outriders servers regardless if it’s on PS5, Xbox Series X or PC.

Cannot connect to servers (PS5) from outriders

We’re waiting for People Can Fly to address this. Note that this is different from the sign-in issues the game is currently suffering from, which we attribute to the servers getting hammered. We’ll be posting our review of the game soon, once we experience the endgame portion. We’ll also be posting guides for farming, endgame and more, too.

If you can connect to the game, let us know what platform and which country you’re from down in the comments! Once Square Enix or People Can Fly provides an update, we’ll update the post.

Update: People Can Fly has acknowledged the server outages!

Once we know more news, we’ll update the post again.

Update #2: People Can Fly announced they have identified the issue and a fix is being implemented:

Once we know more, we’ll update the post.

Update 3: It looks like things are going back to normal! Start slaying, Outrider!

Update 4: Well, they were up for a couple of hours but now it seems the servers are down again. We got disconnected mid level and can no longer log back in. Multiple reports on reddit have also been posted since. .

PS4 was rolling along and damn again from outriders

So I guess the servers are down again? from outriders

Connection error from outriders

Not looking too good for day one from outriders

Server went down just before end of mission from outriders

Servers down? from outriders

Update 5: Servers have once again been restored. Do mind that logging in may take a while as there is a influx of users attempting to sign-on.

Update 6: Servers are down once again on April 2

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2 years ago

I’m playing the demo. It’s not too bad, but I can’t decide if I think I’ll enjoy this for the long haul like some other games similar in the genre. Did you buy it?

Darth Tuup
Darth Tuup
2 years ago

Im trying to play the game on PS5 but haven’t had the chance since I also get the ‘failed to connect’ message.

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