Outriders Servers Down Again on April 2 (Update #7)

Outriders Servers Down

Following yesterday’s seesaw issues with the Outriders servers on its first day of availability, new and more reports of Outriders servers down for April 2 have surfaced online, which we can corroborate is happening.

Outriders Current Server Status: Outriders Servers are down as of April 3 11:30AM Central Time. Please refer to this thread for further details and future server status updates: Outriders Servers Down on April 3, Marking Third Straight Day of Connection Issues

On both consoles and PC, players are unable to go past the title screen and will be greeted with the featured image of this post. On the game’s subreddit, multiple reports have surfaced stating they cannot connect to the Outriders servers:

Did PC login servers just die? from outriders

Servers Down on PS5? from outriders

So far, People Can Fly has acknowledged the issues and is pointing players to the official support site.

Same as with yesterday, we’ll be monitoring the situation as it happens, and you can expect constant updates from us, and in this post, so check back regularly.

If you manage to connect, let us know which platform and country you’re from to help the other gamers out.

Update: People Can Fly says that some players might be able to connect, but not guaranteed!


Update 2: 

Update #3: People Can Fly says they have no ETA, but are still working on it:

Update 4: Servers are slowly going back up except for US:

Update #5: US players are a go! Have fun, outrider!

Update #6: Reports of servers being down are once again coming in. Upon testing, we are also experiencing the issue. Image taken at 9:00 PM Central Time

Outriders Servers Down April 2nd 9:00 PM

Update #7: Servers appear to be back up as of 9:30PM Central Time in North America. Other regions should be following shortly.


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