Blizzard: Overwatch Doesn’t Belong in Loot Box Controversy

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There’s been a lot of discussion happening lately regarding loot crates due to AAA games like Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II (just to name a few) implementing it in their games. While the ESRB might not deem it as a form of gambling, a lot of gamers are still not OK with it.

While COD: WWII might be taking some flack for its Supply Drops, and Battlefront II for its loot crates, it seems one of the more prominent games has remained unscathed. I’m, of course, talking about Blizzard’s Overwaatch, which some people might point to as the progenitor of the whole loot box crate for this generation of gaming. 

At BlizzCon, Mike Morhaime was asked about his thoughts on the loot box controversy and his his philosophy on it as a whole.

What’s your philosophy on the whole Loot Box situation? That comes up every day now. Where do you fall on that one?

Morhaime: You’re talking about gambling?

I am talking about crates that can give you random items when you open them.

Morhaime: I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with crates that give you randomized items. I think that whatever the controversy is, I don’t think Overwatch belongs in that controversy. 

Is there a line? Like, you’d say you wouldn’t make pay-for-power an element of the crates? As long as it’s cosmetic it’s cool or is there…?

Morhaime: Well, it’s definitely something we’ve avoided. I think another element, in terms of the gambling question, the question in terms of that is whether or not you’re actually… There’s an element of converting back into real-world value. I think that’s a critical element, and that element does not exist in Overwatch loot crates.

Do you agree with Morhaime? Should Overwatch not be part of the conversation? The hero shooter has loot boxes that have randomly-generated content that can be bought by real-world money, so his point is debatable. Then again, most gamers do give Blizzard a pass on most things.

Source: Game Informer