Player Identifies Fallout 76 Treasure Map Rewards From 300 Maps


Wickedychickady, the same player responsible for the Tourist Trap Map, has detailed Fallout 76 treasure map rewards from their time digging up 300 treasures. Wickedychickady is level 200, and had five of each of the thirty-five maps available in the game, so they documented what they found region by region in order to help other players get a look at where they might find the best loot for them.

The finds from the total of 300 maps used have been compiled into this spreadsheet. You can see the item types, such as Aid or Weapons, and where they were found, The Forest for example. It’s worth noting that wickedychickady didn’t find all the treasure map mounds by themselves, they used the extremely useful treasure map guide from Dulfy, another member of the Fallout 76 Subreddit. That guide can be found here.

Wickedychickady also pointed out a few things that they learned while going on this journey of uncovering 300 treasures, and making a spreadsheet to track it all.

  1. The Mods you find are for melee weapons, not guns
  2. Every weapon that wickedychickady found was ranged, with no melee weapons being found in any of the 300 spots
  3. Each weapon you find comes with some corresponding ammo, however, wickedychickady didn’t locate any Mini-Nukes even though they found multiple Fat-Man Launchers
  4. Any Junk items found were either: Pre-war Money, Silver, Gold, or a Fancy Hairbrush
  5. The Forest is clearly home to junkies, because most of the items found were Addictol
  6. Most armor and weapons that were found had no Mods, apart from a few occasional finds
  7. The plans for Light Robot Arms were found in Savage Divide
  8. Better plans for pieces of Power Armor were found in Cranberry Bog and The Mire, with The Mire being slightly more abundant
  9. Raider Power Armor piece plans were found in the Toxic Valley
  10. From scrapping all the armor and weapons that were found, wickedychickady learned a good thirty or so Mods
  11. The locations in Ash Heap were the hardest to find
  12. No Legendary Gear was found
  13. No Scrap Kits or Repair Kits or similar items were found

50 Forest Maps 

  • 44 plans (11 of which were for the Single-Action Revolver Ivory Grip)
  • 42 weapons (9 non-standard)
  • 45 armor pieces (9 non-standard)
  • 11 Mods (all for the Barbed Walking Cane)

29 Toxic Valley Maps

  • 31 plans (Raider Power Armor Helmet, Left Arm, Right Leg, and Mods)
  • 47 weapons (13 non-standard)
  • 23 armor pieces (8 non-standard)
  • 5 Mods

14 Ash Heap Maps

  • 16 plans (Excavator Mods, Flamer weapon plan)
  • 12 weapons (4 non-standard)
  • 13 armor pieces (2 non-standard)
  • 2 Mods

122 Savage Divide Maps

  • 129 plans (Light Robot Arms, BoS Combat Armor Legs, and T-45 Chest Piece)
  • 90 weapons (20 non-standard)
  • 109 armor pieces (30 non-standard)
  • 26 Mods

46 Mire Maps

  • 49 plans (War Drum, T-51b Right Arm, T-51b Right Leg, and T-51b Chest Piece)
  • 90 weapons (29 non-standard)
  • 40 armor pieces (9 non-standard)
  • 11 Mods

39 Cranberry Bog Maps

  • 29 plans (T-51b Chest Piece, Marine Tactical Helmet)
  • 72 weapons (20 non-standard)
  • 33 armor pieces (9 non-standard)
  • 13 Mods (Deathclaw Gauntlet Extra Claw)

For the fact that wickedychickady found the Deathclaw Gauntlet Extra Claw Mod alone I would do this. But the beauty of these findings is that I don’t have to, because I know, at least roughly, where I’m going to pick that Mod up. We want to say a big thank you once again to wickedychickady for all the work they put in to Fallout 76, even if it’s just a byproduct of working to improve their own character.

Source: Reddit

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  1. My friend found a pirate costume from the mire when we were treasure hunting. So you might get other event outfits too

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