PS5 Custom Faceplates Announced By Dbrand, Challenges Sony to Sue

PS5 Custom Faceplates

Following news before the PS5’s launch that its faceplates can be removed and potentially be customized, a third-party hardware manufacturer got a cease and desist order from Sony to stop developing PS5 custom faceplates or suffer the ire of Sony’s legal team. Well, it looks like a new company has announced their own PS5 custom faceplates and it seems like they’re not scared of Sony at all, and even challenged the electronics giant to sue them! dbrand has announced their own line of PS5 faceplates today, and even a letter with the words, “Sue us, Sony.”

Here’s their announcement in full (via Reddit) and an image of the company’s sample faceplate:



As the title of this post suggests, we’re now the global leaders in PS5 Faceplates.

Sue us, Sony.

This project has been in the works since just before we told you not to buy PlayStation 5 skins. Spoiler alert: this is why we told you not to buy PlayStation 5 skins.

After moving a few more chess pieces through four dimensions, we added a new production line to our plastic injection molding facility and got to work. The skills we’ve refined through the past few years of developing the Grip Case has uniquely positioned our organization to create OEM-grade Faceplates: ones with all of the precision, attention to detail, and needlessly elaborate packaging that you’ve come to expect from dbrand.

We’ll be entering mass production on PS5 Faceplates by year’s end. However, we won’t be accepting orders until we have stock at our Toronto HQ, ready to ship. If CD Projekt RED has taught us anything, it’s that selling products before they’re finished is a bad idea.

If you’re among the millions of humans who didn’t get a PS5 for Christmas, stay calm when you see these go out-of-stock. We anticipate that the demand will outpace supply at launch, but rest assured Faceplates will be a permanent fixture in our portfolio.

On the other hand, if you’re among the millions of scalpers hoping to differentiate their overpriced PS5 with a custom faceplate, we encourage you to sign up for the launch notification here.

That’s it from us. Congratulations on surviving 2020. We’ll try harder in 2021.

When asked whether they were afraid of Sony taking them down, they responded by saying that they encourage the company to try and do just that.

We’re not sure calling out Sony is a good idea, but I wouldn’t say no to custom PS5 faceplates at all. Chances are high that Sony is developing their own versions of these, so we’ll wait and see what will happen down the line. Will Sony sue dbrand as well or leave them be and let consumers pick and buy whatever faceplate they want from whomever they want?

Additionally, the dbrand will also be offering skins for the middle portion of the PS5 along with Dualsense skins, both purchasable separately and/or in a special bundle. As for different faceplate coloring, they will be matted black for now, with hints of something special in their patterns.

Would you order from dbrand or would you rather wait for Sony to release their official PS5 faceplates? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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35 thoughts on “PS5 Custom Faceplates Announced By Dbrand, Challenges Sony to Sue

  1. It is suspected by some that the type of plastic, the shape, and even the texture on the PS5 covers provide thermal wicking. The texture on the surface of the PS5 covers actually increases the overall surface area for heat dispersion versus a smooth cover. If this is not duplicated by dbrand and it impacts the PS5 they could find themselves liable for damages and Sony has a second case. Sony has a right to protect their brand. It is why licensing exists. In addition dbrand could simply find themselves financially exhausted from legal challenges. Faceplates are welcome but their campaign looks more like lunacy and attention whoring.

    One other note. Sony plans in advance. I have little doubt that during the PS5 design process, when removeable panels were being considered, Sony sat down with their legal department and evaluated the legal lay of the land. Their choice, unlike the remarks by dbrand, was not made haphazardly. Perhaps dbrand approached Sony, maybe they did not. Under the right judge they might have a toe hold. Either way their actions are at best adolescent and wholly disrespectful to a company off of whose product they are attempting to make money. dbrand is not a cool rogue company. They are not commercial rebels and I would not bet on their longevity.

    1. And yet… At the end of the day, if I decided to plaster my PS5 with an army of stickers and that damaged it, Sony couldn’t do a thing about it, let alone sue me or the many companies that already do this.
      When it comes to gaming technology, whether handheld, desktop, laptop or whatever, some people want to customise their stuff and that will never change.
      I imagine they already slap a warning somewhere about tampering with your device already, probably thrown into the warranty, what exactly is the problem?

      1. I do not see an issue. In fact I stated Faceplates would be welcome. I am merely looking at this from a litigation standpoint. The shape of those covers is copyrighted. Sony may have even patented how they fasten on the PS5. I think Sony should freely license the covers. My points were strictly looking at the rude approach by dbrand and the possible legal hurdles they will face.

  2. Yes to the licensing part, but heat dispersion isn’t provided by plastic parts. The cooling solution consists out of a copper heatsink and a fan which blows air through the case. The shape of the faceplates are in this case not providing any impact. They are just cosmetic.

  3. Moron talking about thermal wicking is laughably incorrect.

    Not only does the machine run cooler without the plates, different plates couldn’t possibly do a better job if the material and size is practically identical. Why on earth would Sony add pieces to this unit, increase its surface area, all while making it run worse? Who knows. Why someone would care if the plates change, I’ll never know.

    Good luck, Dbrand. Never understood the product anyways. Sells to such a minor portion of end users.

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